रव्याचा केक - Ravyacha Cake

Ravyacha Cake (English Version) साहित्य: १ वाटी रवा १ वाटी दही १ वाटी दूध (दूध गरम नसावे) १ वाटी साखर १-२ चमचे तूप १ चिमूटभर बेकिं...

Ravyacha Cake (English Version)
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rava cake recipe, ravyacha cake, rava recipe, farina recipe, semolina cake recipe
१ वाटी रवा
१ वाटी दही
१ वाटी दूध (दूध गरम नसावे)
१ वाटी साखर
१-२ चमचे तूप
१ चिमूटभर बेकिंग सोडा
वेलचीपूड / दालचिनी पावडर
बेक करण्यासाठी पसरट ओव्हन सेफ भांडे (eg. Pie Bakeware)

१) रवा, दही, दूध, साखर, तूप एकत्र करून २०-२२ मिनीटे फेटावे. साखर व्यवस्थित विरघळली पाहिजे. हे सर्व मिश्रण २-३ तास झाकून ठेवून द्यावे.
२) २-३ तासांनी ओव्हन ३७५ F (१९० C) प्रिहीट करायला लावावा. मधल्यावेळात ओव्हनसेफ भांड्याला तूपाचा हात लावून घ्यावा. नंतर १ चमचा पाण्यात चिमटीभर बेकिंग सोडा घालावा, मिक्स करून फेटलेल्या मिश्रणात घालावा.आवडीनुसार वेलचीपूड किंवा दालचिनी पावडर घालावी. मिश्रण १ मिनीट ढवळावे.
३) मिश्रण ओव्हनसेफ भांड्यात ओतावे. वरून काजू बदाम पिस्त्याचे तुकडे पसरावे. आणि ३७५ F ( १९० C) वर १८ ते २० मिनीटे बेक करावे. बेक करताना १०-१२ मिनीटानंतर मधेमधे ओव्हनमधील लाईट लावून केक चेक करावा.
४) केकच्या कडा ब्राऊन रंगाच्या होतात तसेच केकचा छान गंध सुटला कि केक झाला असे समजावे. ओव्हन बंद करून १-२ मिनीटांनी केक बाहेर काढावा. गरम गरम खायला छान लागतोच तसेच २ दिवस टिकतोसुद्धा !

१) जर केकच्या आतसुद्धा सुकामेवा आवडत असेल तर बेक करायच्या आधी काजू बदामाचे तुकडे घालून ढवळावे मग मिश्रण बेकिंगच्या भांड्यात ओतून बेक करावे.

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  1. if i do not have oven can i use pressure cooker

  2. hi chakali
    cant u write recipies in english also

    1. there are plenty of recipes in english available on google, but not in marathi. this is exclusively for people who are comfortable with marathi language.

  3. Hi

    here is the link for Semolina Cake - English Version

    in all most all Marathi posts, above the snap, you will see link for English version.


  4. Hi Vaidehi,

    tuza blog chan aahe pan ek request aahe ki, navin receipe add zali tar home page var sangitale tar chan hoel, (recently added receipes)

    I have one cake receipe to share

    Carrot cake

    1 cup self raising flour
    1 cup grated carrot
    3/4 oil
    3/4 caster sugar
    1 egg (fetun)
    1 teaspoon soda
    some dryfruits

    1. Mix all ingrediants together in a bowl
    2. Apply some oil on baking tray
    3. Pour the mixture in the baking tray
    4. Put tray in preheated oven for 50-60 mins.
    (this time may vary depending on oven, but if knife is coming out clearly through cake, then cake is ready)
    5. Allow it to cool.


  5. Hi Vaidehi,
    nice recipes..
    thanks for sharing them!

    one question abt this cake,
    My granny used to make similar cake..
    but on tawa.. can we adapt this recipe for tawa as well?

  6. Hi Sanjivani,
    thanks for your comment
    I have not tried it on tawa as i have oven at home :) I will try it and let you know..thanx again

  7. oven nasel tar kukar madhe kiti vel lavala

  8. Oven nasel tar cookermadhye karta yeto cake..tyasthi cooker garam zalyavar sadharan 18 te 20 minite lagtil..

  9. hi vaidehi.
    you have a wonderful blog. can you describe in details how to make cake in cooker?
    i keep one vessel upside down and pour water. then keep the vessel with cake ingredients and steam for 20-30 minutes. do you suggest something different?

  10. Hi,
    I don't really know how to make it into pressure cooker..jar me try kela tar nakki post karen..

  11. Hi, I made this cake, but I think me te mishran vavastith fetle nahi, hence cake was not very fluffy. I put some ghee in the cooker and on very slow gas, i baked it only putting the lid over it, not closing it fully. It came out good, but even the sugar should be reduced a little say 3/4.
    I recently come to know about this blog and almost everyday i visit the site. I have tried many receipes and they turn out good. Thanks.

  12. Hi Angela,

    ha cake maidyachya cake sarkha khup fluffy hot nahi..pan tarihi soggy suddha nasto..malahi tasech vatte ki mishran fetatana kahitari kami rahili asel..

  13. hi
    nice receipe, i have tried this but if we make little change in the ingrediant cake becomes very songee.
    1 1/2 cup rava
    dahi, sugar, milk - 1 cup each
    1/4 cup ghee, 1/2 tspoon soda
    mix well and keep aside for 3-4 hrs
    then bake in the microwave for 16 min on 175 degree or u check inbetween also, or if it is slight chikat then cook 1-2 min more. thoda andaz ghyava lagel.

  14. Oven nasel tar kukar madhye kela tar chalel ka? Kukarla shiti lavaychi ka?

  15. hi
    mi recipe keli ani khupach chan jhali hoti
    ek request ahe
    chocolate cake chi recepi post karal ka please?


  16. Hi Supriya,

    ha cake cooker madhye karta yeto.. shitti lavu naye.

  17. Hi, what is the difference between baking soda & baking powder. Baking powder vaparale tar chalel ka?

  18. hi angela,
    baking soda mhanje pure 'sodium bicarbonate' aste. ani baking powder mhanje baking soda + other acidifying ingredients.
    ho baking powder vaparli tari chalel fakt baking soda peksha thodi jast vapravi lagel..ani tyamule cake la kadachit baking powderchi thodi chavahi lagu shakte..

  19. sada oven aani microoven ya madhil basic farak kai? cake karatana sadhya oven madhe kiti vel kiti tapamanavar garam karava lagato?

  20. mla chocolate cake ani 3-4 divas tikavu recepies sangshil plz?

  21. me try karun nakki post karen chocolate cake

  22. sadha oven ha purely baking sathi vaparla jato ani microoven microwave ani oven donhi sarkha vapru shakta. mhanje tyat baking suddha karta yete.. me swataha kadhi micro-oven vaparun nahi pahilay karan mazyakade microwave ani oven vegvegle ahe..tyamule microoven chi baking capacity kashi aste tyabaddal andaz nahi..

  23. hi vaidehi
    It's a very good recipe for cake.

    mala ek sanga ki oven pramane apan cooker madhye thevalela cake 10 minitani check karu shakto ka. & cooker madhye cake bake kartana sada cookar cha top vaprlatar chalel ka.

  24. Hi Hema
    thanks for the comment..me kadhi cooker madhye cake karun pahila nahiye..pan mazya mate adhi cooker 3-4 minutes tapavun mag batter che container aat thev..ani 10-12 minutes nantar ekda check kar

  25. Thank you so much. Majhi Aai ha asach cake karaychi .. ani mala aaj ha cake khup khawasa watat hoto.. mi atta US madhe ahe mhanun watla aai la itkya pahate kasa uthwaycha recipe wicharayla..majhya nawryani hi recipe online shodhun kadhli.. cake ekdum aai karte tasach jhala.. thanks a ton for the recipe <3

  26. Hi vaidehi,

    I tried this recipe in idli steamer(separate vati che bhande ahe). Cake turned out to be delicious, was porous as expected. Just one prob, at one corner it remained soggy, bcoz of water dripping from steam probably. Will tieing a cloth to the lid and steanming solve the problem?


  27. Hi Snehal

    chan Idea ahe..me Dhokla banavtana water drip hou naye mhanun pancha lavte zakanala
    Click here for Dhokla Recipe step 4 paha..

  28. Hi Vaidehi,

    Thank you very much for sharing this recipe.

    Made this cake more than once now, and barring a few exceptions, it came out excellent! I have seen that you can only cook 1/2 inch high cake. MOre than that, and it will turn soggy :)


  29. my mother makes similar cake without oven.
    she uses tawa+thick bottom pan for uniform baking.
    if u have access to sand. u can spread sand over tawa and then put thick bottom pan in sand.
    - jyotsna.

  30. hi vaidehi,

    baking soda aivaji powder vaparali tar chalel ka?ani kiti pramanat?

  31. Baking powder vaparli tari chalel fakt thodishi jast vaparavi lagel.. sadharan 2-3 chimati..

  32. kase fetayche mixer madhe chalte ka? hand mixer nahiye

  33. mixer madhye ekdum paste hoil. hatane kiva hand mixer ne mix karave.

  34. hand mixercha foto pudhil link var pahayla milel - ithe clik kar

  35. hii jyanchyakade microwave oven nasel pan juny paddhticha cake cha oven asel tyani kase karave hyabaddl krupaya sangave... baki pakkruti uttama ahe mala banvychi ahe...

  36. jar mala hya cake madhye aamras add karaycha asel tar kahi vegali procedure aahe ka ki same recipe karun cake fulel ?

  37. Hi Manali,

    Varil recipe hi sadhya paddhatichya oven madhalich aahe. microwave madhye ha cake titkasa changala nahi hot.

  38. Hi Netra,

    yaat aamaras add karoo shakato. pan thode praman adjust karayala lagel jenekaroon batter khup patal honar nahi.

    mala vatate step 2 chya aadhi amaras add kar. mhanje adhi mishran then jhale ki oven madhye janyaadhi aamras add kar.

    baheracha amars khup god asato tyamule sakhar kami ghal . ani amaras shakyato amooth ghe mhanje lumps lagnar nahit. cakemadhye lumps rahile tar cake changala lagat nahi.

  39. Hi Vaidehi,

    Is the rava course or fine?


  40. Hi Shweta

    The above recipe requires coarse rava.

  41. hi chakli rava cake pan madhe lavala tar calel ka?

  42. Hi

    Ha cake me pan madhye kadhi kelela nahiye. pan tu ha cake pressure cooker madhye karu shaktes. Cookermadhye pani ghalayche nahi. jhakan na lavta gas var 4 te 5 minite garam karava. cookerchi ring ani shitti kadhun thevavi. aluminum chya dabyala toop lavun tyat batter ghalave ani ha daba cookermadhye thevava. varun nuste jhakan thevave ani mand achevar cake bake hovu dyava.
    ekda karu pahu shaktes asha paddhatine.

  43. me ha cake pressure cookermadhe karu shakte ka

  44. Hi Siddhi,

    ho ha cake pressure cookermadhye karta yeil. adhi pressure cooker nusta korda garam karava (shitti ani ring kadhun theva) ani mag medium flame var cake bake karava.

  45. Hi ha cake steel cooker madhe banavu shakto ka?

  46. Hi Madhavi

    Steel cooker atun jalanyache chances astat. ekda cooker nusta tapavun paha. jar atun jalala nahi tarach mag cake try kar.

  47. Hi Vaidehi,

    Kuthacha rava vaprayacha? Barik ki Jaad?

  48. Hi Vaidehi,
    Can we add mango pulp to have mango flavored cake?

  49. Yes you can add mango pulp to it.

    Use 1/2 vati milk and 1/2 vati mango pulp

  50. Hello vaidehi..

    All recipes are very nice.. it helps me a lot.

    one doubt..
    ha cake kartana pressure cooker che zakan cooker var nuste thevayche ka zakan lavayche?cooker che zakan fit lavle tar nahi chalnar ka?

    waiting for ur reply..! :)

  51. Hi

    Thanks for your comment.

    Cookerchi ring ani shitti kadhun thevavi.

    jar jast changala effect hava asel tar cookerchya aatmadhye thodi valu ghalavi. tyavar tipai (garam padarth tekayla aste ti) thevun tyavar cake che bhande thevave.

    valumule heat evenly distribute hote.

  52. Hi everyone! I have tried baking cakes without oven and even without cooker. You can take a big pan, normal cooking vassel. Keep a stand inside it, or you can put the cooker jali. Heat the vassel for 2 minutes. Then the pan in which u r going to bake the cake can be put inside the pan. Cover the pan with a normal plate. On slow gas, cook for almost 1 hour. Check with a knife, after 40-45 minutes. If it turns clean, ur cake is done. I tried this recently with chocolate cake and it turned out very well. Enjoy!

  53. Hi vaidehi,

    Cake must ahae. I have some queries. Rawa kontya ghyaycha ( jada ki barik?)
    Rawa bhajun ghyacha ka?

    Thanks Aditi.

    1. Hi Aditi

      Rava Jaad ghyaycha..ani rava bhajaycha nahi.

    2. Hichukun soda pan mix kartana ghatla.chalel ka?

  54. dudh ukalavun thand karaych ka? kachh ghyay ch. aani dudhachya sayichi tupa shivay dusari kuthali recipe aahe ka? THANKU

    1. ukalavun ghyayche.. room temperature la ale ki vaparave.

  55. Hi Vaidehi!
    I like your reciepes . :)
    Mala ha cake 20-25 janansathi karayacha ahe , its for potluck , so ek-ek piece yeil asa , tyasathi praman sangu shakashil ka ? Plz rply ASAP :)

    1. varil pramanat sadharan 8-10 madhyam tukade hotat. for safer side, 3 te 3.5 vatya rava ghe.

    2. Apn hq cake cooker mde kru shakto ka

    3. Hi Apoorva

      Cake cookermadhye karu nakos
      Thick bottomed Nonstick pan ghe. Tyala toop lavun he mishran mand achevar zakan thevun shiju de. Sadharan 10-15 minutes.

  56. Hi,,

    if u want to bale cakle using tawa, spread some sand on it and then keep the cake container on that. by this it will not burn. cake tin var suddha u can keep 1 more tawa with sand so that cake will bake from 2 sides. Try it. The cake will take 40-45 min to bake

  57. hi,
    Rawa cake cooker madhe karta yeto ka.

  58. hi,
    Rawa cake cooker madhe karta yeto ka.

  59. Hi..! Baking soda kinva Baking powder ghalavach lagato ka?

  60. Hi Vaidehi, your blog is really nice. I love it. I have tried lots of recipes from your blog.Can you prepare app for your recipes? Please think on this.......



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