Puran Poli

Pooranpoli in Marathi Time: 25 minutes + (35 to 40 minutes to make puran) Yield: 10 puranpoli Ingredients: 1 cup Chana Dal 1 cup J...

Pooranpoli in Marathi

Time: 25 minutes + (35 to 40 minutes to make puran)
Yield: 10 puranpoli

1 cup Chana Dal
1 cup Jaggery, grated or crushed
1 cup All Purpose Flour
1/2 cup Wheat Flour
7 to 8 tbsp Oil (vegetable or Canola)
1 tsp Cardamom Powder
Rice flour

1) Wash Chana Dal thoroughly. In the pressure cooker, add 2 and 1/2 cup water (for 1 cup dal) and washed Chana Dal. Switch off gas after 4-5 whistles. Let the pressure cooker cool down.
2) After 25 minutes open the pressure cooker, strain the cooked Chana dal and reserve the water. This water can be used to make 'Katachi Amati'. Remove water completely from dal. Then add this dal into a deep pan. Add jaggery in it and let this mixture cook over medium heat. Jaggery will melt and mixture becomes thin in consistency. keep stirring over medium heat until mixture becomes thick. Add cardamom powder and mix. Don't let the mixture stick to the bottom of pan.
3) Once mixture become thick, remove the pan from heat. Put it through Puran Maker (puran yantra) to get fine quality stuffing.
4) Sift all purpose flour and wheat flour together. Add 5 to 6 tbsp Oil and mix well. Now add water little by little and make smooth consistency dough. Knead the dough until the it becomes very elastic. Put this dough into a bowl and cover it with lid. Let it rest for a couple of hours
5) Make 1 and 1/2 inch balls of the stuffing. Also make 1/2 inch balls of the dough. Grease your fingertips and spread one dough ball gently to a small round disc. put one stuffing ball on it. spread the dough gently over the stuffing with fingers and cover the stuffing. Use dry rice flour to roll the Roti. Heat the tawa, place rolled roti in the center and roast both sides over medium heat.
These rotis stay fresh for approximately 4-8 days at room temperature.
Serve hot with Ghee. Cold puranpoli tastes good with cold milk.


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  1. puran poli looks very delicious.. reminds me of the poli that tamilians make - we use coconut and jaggery as the filling :)

  2. Hi Indhu

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. yeah I had coconut and jaggery filled puranpoli at my frnds place.. it too tastes nice :)

  3. puran poli hmmmm i love this.Urs look delicious dear.
    I dont know why my puran poli becomes hard by evening.I have blog rolled u

  4. thank you very much varunavi for your comment and adding me in your blog roll

  5. Good blog ! I keep visiting your blog for checking new recipes and confirming traditional ones.

    It would be helpful to know how many polis this amount of ingredients would make. We can then come here to check for party planning :)

  6. Hi Shubhada,

    I have added servings on some of the recipes. I am trying to add that section to all. Thanks for your comment and keep visiting :)


  7. South Indian girlJuly 2, 2009 at 2:42 PM


    I am south indian girl married into a Maharastrian family who live in Indore. So I am trying to learn marathi food. This website has been such a saviour!!!! Cos my husband is such a foodie..thanks to you I can now verify what I am doing without having to rush to make an international call to my mom-in-law

  8. hi
    iam a north indian girl married into a maharastrain family..my husband love puran poli alot..so thanks for the recipe

  9. Thanks for your receipe. Let me try out this receipe at home.

  10. Hi Vaidehi,

    Approx. how many puranpolis can be made with this quantity of ingredients mentioned?

  11. Hi,
    ya pramanat sadharan 12 puranpolya hotil

  12. perfect barobar 12 polya zhala...thanks for the recipe....

  13. Hey Vaidehi,

    Great recipe, I have had puranpoli many times earlier & always thought of trying it myself. This time I finally did & it came out really well. Thanks.

    I do have few comments though:-

    1. In the ingredients you mentioned cardamom powder but in the method you forgot to mention it at all.

    2. 7 - 8 TBSP of oil seemed too much, I would recommend using not more than 5 TBSP.

    Rest the recipe is great.

  14. thanks Bhumika for your comment and other suggestions...also thanks for letting me know about cardamom powder.

  15. Would it be advisable to add saffron?

  16. hi vaidehi

    thank u verymuch for this tasty and puranpoli receipe. Please let me know whether a little amount of sugar can also be added to this puranpoli receipe alongwith the jaggery. If yes let me know the purpose of it . Wont it become more sweet???

    vidya satish

  17. Hi Vidya

    you can add sugar along with the jaggery. Just reduce the amount of jaggery, so the puranpoli wont taste too sweet.

  18. thank u so much vaidehi....i shall try it now..keep posting such delicious receipe...can i have d receipe of tasty masale bhaath..

    thanks once again
    vidya satish

  19. Hi Vidya
    thanks for posting a comment
    Here is the link for the recipe of Masale Bhat

  20. Hi Vaidehi,

    I have been a great fan of your blog and recipes for quite a while now.

    Being a maharashtrian myself, I find your recipes very authentic and yet simplified for beginners like me.

    I just wanted to let you know that I tried your puran poli recipe many times and it comes out perfectly each time.

    Today I am back here again to make puran poli especially for Holi!!

    Thank you so much!! Really appreciate all the efforts you are putting into making this very tasty blog.


  21. Hi Sampada

    I am glad to receive your comment. I am really happy that you like my work. thanks for appreciation.

  22. Thanks for the wonderful recipe .. I was literally looking for Maharashtrian recipe for Puran Poli ... I am going to try tomorrow as per your instructions above .. all excited !


  23. Thanks Savvy,
    and let me know how it comes out..

  24. M Assamese belong to Guwahati; went to Mumbai on this Oct/2011. On d Next day of dashera went to my to Marathi Uncle-Aunty's home at Kalyan.On the day aunty made Delicious POORAN POLI Spcly fr me. So, nice it was.

  25. Hello...Thanks for posting comment. I am glad that you liked Pooranpoli. Its a popular maharashtrian dish. and it is my favorite too..

  26. hey thx for d recipe.hv never made them but gonna try nw.hpe it turns out well. I have always loved puranpolis,bt m worried if they wud bcme hard if kept for long since my rotis do bcome hard aftr sumtym.cn u gv me tips to kp them soft for long? Or tell me where i may b goin wrong?

  27. Hello
    Thanks for visiting chakali blog and posting comment..There are very less chances of pooranpoli becoming very hard. However here are some tips:
    1) Make very soft dough and use oil while handling it. Roll very gently.
    2) Dont make very thin or thick pooranpolis. Very thin pooranpolis tend to become hard around the edges. Thick pooranpolis may remain uncooked inside.
    3) Stuffing should be smooth without any hard particles of dal. Consistency of stuffing should be soft by not runny. It should get spread till the edges.

  28. hi vaidihi tai...this is my first holi after marriage, though Im married to a south indian guy, he loves maharashtrain cuisine! Since m away from my Mom's place, noone to teach me as such this great sweet dish........I was looking for a simple Puranpoli recipe to celebrate the festival of colours.... Thanks for the recipe m surely goign to try this one today!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holi!!!!!!!

  29. Thanks Vaidehi. The puran polis turned out very delicious. The proportion of the ingredients that you gave is exact. My husband liked the polis very much. Thank you.

  30. Hi
    thanks a lot for all delicious recipes. But i would like to ask how can we grate puran if we do not have puran yantra as i live in USA?

  31. Can u tell how do we see if the puran is right ie not too dry or wet

  32. Thanks for putting the recipe, I used it and used some additions I remember from Mangala Barve's book I have (which is misplaced). Additions were jaifaL at end and little toop, haldi while boiling daal. I made it for Gudhi Padwa with 3 times proportion(plenty of puraN in fridge).
    --Marathi Manus

  33. Use a fine mesh big strainer and press the puran through it. It is kind of tedious work. It would be better to buy a Puranyantra from Indian store.

  34. To check the puran consistency, push the spatula (kaltha) vertically. If it stands upward for few seconds, then the puran is ready.

  35. commentsathi Dhanyavad Marathi Manus

  36. hi

    I am Kavitha Nair just got married... both of us are malayalees born n brought up in Mumbai and both of us are fond of marathi food..i tried to make puran poli but the problem is puran was getting harder ..i think jaggery was more than needed...can u tell me how the puran should be just stuffing it should it be powder form ? and the poli was also stiff not as soft as chappathi..usually the chappathi i make is very soft....pls do reply

  37. Hi Kavitha

    You might have cooked the dal+jaggery mixture little longer than required.
    In the beginning, the mixture becomes thin in consistency and gradually it thickens. Insert the steel spatula vertically in the mixture. When it stays upward for a minute, that means the stuffing is ready. Then do not cook more.
    Also, the maida dough should be very soft and elastic (much softer than regular chapati dough). If the dough is not soft enough, then the puran poli will become hard.

  38. I was not knowing how to do puranpoli... but when I read out this, I tried & it turn out awesome...... My mother-in-law was so surprised when I give her poli.... Everyone was surprised by my poli as actually Iam a very bad at cooking.....

  39. Hi Vaidehi,

    I went thru ur blogs n its awesome. I am Goan but living in mumbai from last 25 years and especially with Maharstrians in neighbours, so m mom use to cook very delicious food same s maharstrians do and I use to love her tatsy food. I just lost her 3 months back in an accident and miss her food.

    I do prepare food from then n keep searching for recipes she use to prepare. This Site really is very very healpful.

    Great job !!!

    God bless ya..

  40. Thank you for your comment and appreciation. :)

  41. Hi vaidehi can i grate cooked Puran in the mixer?i dont have Puran yantra.will it become too sticky?

  42. Yes, you will get a gooey textured puran if you grind it in mixer.

  43. Khup Chaan..

    Unable to control my feelings..

    PooranPoli has become famous meal of all people now..

  44. Hi,
    Puran yantra not available in this part of Sydney.. any other option ?
    Thank you,

  45. Hi Anu,

    I use metal mesh (chalani). I put the puran in the chalani in batches and press with steel ladle.
    But chalani should be sturdy. If you use plastic one, it might break.

  46. how to make puran poli very soft & delicate which they say that it can eaten even with lips..

  47. To make puranpoli soft, the dough should be very elastic and very soft. The stuffing should be well-churned and lump free. Also, it shouldn't be very hard or very soft. Try to make the puranpoli thin. If you keep it thick, it won't cook well.

  48. Hey dear, this looks like a very tempting and delicious recipe for holi. How i wish there are available ingredients here in my place so I could try this one. oh well, just let me express my heartfelt holi wishes and greetings to everyone!

    Anne xxxx

  49. Hi,i would like to share how to make puran without puran yantra:boil dal.cool a little and grind it in mixie.it is ok to have little waterfor grinding.take out in a non stick pan.now add jaggery and cook .mixture will first liquify then will start drying .cook for10-15 min depeding upon quantity.it will dry further as cools. this is a v.easy method without puranyantra etc.

  50. Wow......nice puran poli, it looks yum............



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