Semolina Cake

Semolina Cake I ngredients: 1 cup Semolina 1 cup plain Yogurt 1 cup Milk (should not be hot) 1 cup S...

Semolina Cake
1 cup Semolina
1 cup plain Yogurt
1 cup Milk (should not be hot)
1 cup Sugar
1-2 Tbsp Ghee
1 tsp Baking soda
1 tsp cardamom powder or Cinnamon powder
2-3 tbsp pieces of cashew nuts, Pistachio, Almond (Unsalted)
Pie Bake ware for baking

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1) In a mixing bowl add Semolina, Yogurt, Milk, Sugar, Ghee and whisk together for at least 20-22 minutes. Sugar should be dissolve in the batter. Cover this batter with lid for 2-3 hours.
2) After 2-3 hours, preheat oven to 375o F., meantime grease the pie bake ware with butter or Ghee. Mix 1 tsp baking soda in 1 tbsp water, add it to the batter. Add cardamom powder and whisk the batter for a minute.
3) Pour the batter into Pie bake ware. Sprinkle pieces of dry fruits (cashew nuts, Pistachio, Almond). Bake for 18 to 20 minutes.
4) While baking, check the cake once or twice after 10 minutes. Once you find the edges of cake is turning to brown and you sense nice aroma of cake, then this is the sign that cake is done properly. Turn off the oven and remove the cake after 1-2 minutes. This cake tastes delicious if you have it hot.

1) You can add Dry fruit pieces into the batter if you like.

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  1. It looks a bit moist, is it suppose to be that way?
    Nice recipe. Would you like to exchange link with my vegetarian recipe blog,
    Drop me a note if you agree. Thks

  2. Namaskar

    Tup vitalalele have ka? Mazi Aaji asa cake karaychi. Khoop avdaycha. Madhe Aai chya maitrine dili pakkriti. Adhi barobar vaycha ata naveen ghari aale tar hot nahiye. He pakkriti karaychi aahe. Andaje ha cake 10 kinva 20 minitat hoto ka?

  3. Mazya kade unsalted butter aahe te vitalavun ghalu ka?

  4. Namaskar
    tup vitalavun ghya..tasech 15 te 20 mins. madhye hoto cake..cake chya kada brown hotat ani cake bake zalela kalto

    unsalted butter vaparle tarihi chalte pan tupacha flavor jast chan lagto

  5. Namaskar
    ajun 1 prashna. Mazya kade 9 inch cake che goal bhande aahe. Pie bakeware nahiye. Kahi problem nahi na yenar?

    Adhichya prashnanchya uttarabaddal Dhanyawad

  6. nahi kahich problem nahi yenar...mazyakade pie bakeware hota mhanun tase lihile ahe...

  7. He mishran khoop pattal hote ka surwatila? Me atach tayar kele aahe. Mala vatata haluhalu rava shoshun gheil dahi dudh. Baki velela cake che mishran thode ghatta hote mhanun jara kalji watli. cake zalyavar nakki parat sangen!!!!

  8. Hi,
    ho he mishran thode patal hote pan apan mishran thodavel zakun thevle ki mishran ghattasar hote ani bake zalyavar vyavasthit ghatta hote..

  9. Hi
    Me ha cake kela. Chav chhan aali pan khali madhlya baghat thoda saugy rahila. Kada brown zalyavar oven band kela. 21 minutes bake kela. Ajun thoda bake karayla hava hota ka?

  10. Hi,
    baking time he oven chya power var khup depend karte..jar cake madhalya areat soggy rahat asel tar next time 325 F to 350 F var oven heat kar ani baking time kahi minite vadhav..

  11. Is there a way to substitute 1 cup of sugar. I am trying to go healthy, so apart from one cup of sugar this cake looks on a healthier side (compared to most cakes). would honey work?

  12. Hi,
    You can substitute sugar with Jaggery. I am not sure how honey will taste in this recipe. However, try it on a small portion.

  13. Rava kuthla vaprava? Sadha upma cha ka? Bhajun ghetla hota ka?

  14. ha cake gas var kart yeil ka

    1. Ho karta yeil.. nonstick fry pan madhye toop lava. tyat cakeche mishran ghalun mand achevar vaaf kadhavi.

  15. mi pithisakhar vaparali tar chalel ka? non stick fry pan aivaij cooker kinva modakpatrat kela tar bighadel ka?



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