Masala Milk

Masala Dudh I ngredients: 2 Cup Milk 3 Tbsp Sugar Ingredients for Masala: ¼ cup Almond Powder (unsalted) 1 Tbsp Pistachio Powder (unsalted) ...

Masala Dudh

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2 Cup Milk
3 Tbsp Sugar
Ingredients for Masala:
¼ cup Almond Powder (unsalted)
1 Tbsp Pistachio Powder (unsalted)
½ tsp Cardamom Powder
Pinch of Nutmeg powder
1 pinch of Saffron

1) If you have unsalted Almonds and pistachio at home, grind it and use only the amount of measurement given above. Add Almond and Pistachio Powder, Cardamom Powder, Nutmeg powder and Saffron in the mixer and mix all the ingredients very well.
2) In a saucepan, heat 2 cups milk and add 3 tbsp sugar or add as per your requirement. Add 2-3 tsp prepared masala in it and stir with spoon. Bring it to boil.
Serve hot.

1) You can add other unsalted dry fruits like cashew nuts.
2) You can add Charoli seeds in Masala dudh.
3) Do not add too much of Nutmeg powder. Overwhelming flavor of Nutmeg powder could ruin the taste of Masala Dudh.

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  1. each and every recipe of urs is too good! i know hindi a little! here i didn't see some recipes in english version! so i didn't understand it to the full extent! but everything is so good and i love ur blog

  2. Hi Srilekha,

    Thanks for your comment...previously my blog was only in Marathi..but now i m working on translating recipesin english..I will try to post remaining recipes in English very soon...thanks again

  3. Hi Vaidehi,

    Could you please tell me quantity of ingredients for 120 persons? As with the cup and spoon I am not getting the idea. TIA :)


    1. Hi Madhuri

      If you are going to serve in a medium paper cups then around 10 liters of milk is sufficient. Sugar as per your taste
      Make a mixture of =
      250 grams of almond powder
      100 grams of pistachio powder
      and 2 spoons of cardamom powder

      Add the dry fruit mixture as u needed.



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