Pedha - Indian Sweet

Pedha in Marathi I ngredients: 425 Gram Ricotta Cheese OR 200 Gram Khoya 1 tbsp Pure Ghee 1 Cup Milk 100 Gram Sugar 2 Pinch Saffron 1 tsp Ca...

Pedha in Marathi

425 Gram Ricotta Cheese OR 200 Gram Khoya
1 tbsp Pure Ghee
1 Cup Milk
100 Gram Sugar
2 Pinch Saffron
1 tsp Cardamom Powder
Almond/ Pistachio Pieces

pedhe, pedha, ricotta cheese recipe, sweetsMethod:
If you have readymade Khoya, proceed from step 2
If you have Ricotta Cheese, then start from Step 1

1) Heat a nonstick pan. Add 1 tbsp Ghee and Ricotta Cheese. Stir on medium heat. Within 2-3 minutes, it will start melting and after 10-15 minutes, it will start thickening. Keep stirring, otherwise Ricotta cheese could stick to the pan. Slowly, it will become thick; it will take approximately 25-30 minutes. In this process, liquid content in Ricotta cheese evaporated and starts converting into Khoya. Ricotta Cheese should be thick in consistency and should form a ball. Knead this khoya gently after it cool down.
2) Before making Pedha, mix Saffron into Milk. Put Khoya into nonstick pan. Add sugar. Stir on medium heat. The mixture will start melting. Add milk and keep stirring on medium low flame. This mixture will start thickening. Add Cardamom Powder and mix well. Keep stirring until it forms thick consistency ball.
3) Let the mixture become luke warm. Grease hand palms with little ghee and make marble sized balls. Garnish with Almond and Pistachio Pieces.

1) Add pinch of edible Color to make Pedha Colorful.
2) Sweetness of Pedha increases a little after one day, so adjust the quantity of sugar.

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  1. I tired the pedas from step 1 onwards and they turned out amazing. However I am wondering that if making peda using Ricotta cheese, is step 2 necessay? At the end of step 1 itself, the khoya is warm, soft and ready to be knead. Please let me know your inputs as I want to make them for Diwali as well. Thanks for the wonderful recipe !!!

  2. Thanks for your comment..

    sugar should melt and mix nicely into ricotta cheese. If you are using coarse grain sugar then you have to follow step 2.
    You can use powdered sugar into khoya, knead and make pedas.

  3. Vaidehi,

    I tried your Peda recipe, it came out really well. If you have take a look at this post.



  4. hi vaidehi, i tried making the pedhas today but something went wrong n cudnt make the pedhas. My mixure became very hard n brown colored like a 'goliband paak'. Can u pls tell me what wud hv went wrong. I want to make pedhas for this ganeshotsav... Kanchan

  5. how many servings does this make?????

  6. It depends on the size of pedas. It will make around 20 pedas if you make medium sized pedas.

  7. what is ricotta cheese

  8. mast receipe. karoon baghate.

  9. Hi Vaidehi, Can step 1 be done in crockpot or slow cooker


    1. Hi,

      I have never used crock pot or slow cooker. However the ricotta cheese needs to be stirred as it sticks at the bottom..really don't know how crock pot or slow cooker will work for this.

  10. Followed your mava from ricotta cheese recipe and made these pedhas ...only one word Awesome...



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