Dudhi Halwa

Dudhi Halwa in marathi Time: approx 30 minutes Servings: 3 to 4 Ingredients: 2 n 1/2 cup packed grat...

Dudhi Halwa in marathi
Time: approx 30 minutes
Servings: 3 to 4

indian sweets, indian dessert recipe, easy dessert, quick dudhi halva, lauki halwa, bottle gourd halwaIngredients:
2 n 1/2 cup packed grated bottle gourd (First peel and deseed)
1 tsp ghee
3/4 cup condensed milk
1 tsp Chironji (Charoli)
1 tbsp Almond slivers, blanched and peeled
1 tbsp other dried fruits like cashews, pistachio, sliced
1/4 tsp cardamom powder

1) Heat a pan, add ghee and wait till it melts. The add bottle gourd. Cook over medium high heat. Stir continuously.
2) After 5 to 8 minutes, the water in bottle gourd will evaporate. Then check a little thread of bottle gourd and taste it. If you feel its under cooked, cook for few more minutes.
3) Add condensed milk and let it cook until nice and thick. Add chironji, and dry fruits. Stir nicely. Add cardamom powder and mix well.
Serve warm or cold. Both way, it tastes great.

1) Do not cover the pan when cooking grated bottle gourd.
2) Adjust the amount of condensed milk as per your preference.

Dudhi halwa using Milk and sugar


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