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Add Ghee and besan into a pan. The consistency will be thick, but keep stirring. Within 10 minutes, mixture will become thin in consistency....

Add Ghee and besan into a pan. The consistency will be thick, but keep stirring.

diwali festival, diwali faralWithin 10 minutes, mixture will become thin in consistency. Keep stirring over medium low heat.

besanache ladoo, besan laduAfter 40 minutes, besan will get cook well. You will sense nice aroma. Color of mixture will change slightly to reddish. Consistency will be more thin.

besan ladu, Maharashtrian Besanache laduAfter 40-45 minutes,turn off the heat. Sprinkle 2 to 3 tbsp milk.

diwali gifts ideas, Indian DiwaliStir 2-3 times. Mixture will become little fussy, you will see lot of bubbles.

Diwali festival, Indian diwali maharashtrian faral recipeWithin few seconds mixture will become thick.

shankarpale, chakali, chirote,diwali faralAfter mixture become lukewarm, add sugar and cardamom powder. You can add nuts along with sugar and cardamom.

Diwali marathi faral, Indian festival diwali, shankarpale, karanji,Mix and make laddus. Happy Diwali

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  1. sounds good..will try this soon..

  2. Looks very nice..Happy diwali to u in advance :)

  3. your ladoos look perfect! I haven't had besan ladoos in many many years now :(, wish I had the patience to stir, stir, stir!

  4. Thanks for the step by step pics! They really help a newbie cook like me to know what things should look like at each stage :o)

    The Indian grocery store here sells something called "laddoo besan" as well as regular besan. The "laddoo" besan is slightly coarser. Could you recommend which one I should use?

  5. Hi MS,

    thanks for your comment..
    Both types of besan are good for Laddoos.
    I always use regular besan..because it is easily available in any Indian store.
    Secondly, it is all about texture.. If you like little coarser taste, go for 'Laddo besan' :)

    Happy Diwali in advance

  6. Hi Soumya, chitra, aquadaze

    Thank you for your lovely comments and Happy diwali to all of you..



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