मेथी शंकरपाळे - methi shankarpale

methi Shankarpale in English साधारण २ ते ३ जणांसाठी वेळ: ३० मिनीटे साहित्य: ३/४ कप गव्हाचे पिठ...

methi Shankarpale in English

साधारण २ ते ३ जणांसाठी
वेळ: ३० मिनीटे

shankarpale, crispies, teatime snack, Fried snacksसाहित्य:
३/४ कप गव्हाचे पिठ
१/४ कप मैदा
१ टेस्पून तेल
२ टिस्पून कसूरी मेथी
२ चिमटी ओवा
चवीपुरते मिठ
तळण्यासाठी तेल

१) मैदा, गव्हाचे पिठ आणि मिठ एकत्र करून घ्यावे. त्यात १ टेस्पून गरम तेलाचे मोहन घालावे. चमच्याने ढवळावे.
२) कसूरी मेथी हाताने चुरडून पावडर बनवावी आणि पिठात घालावी. तसेच ओवा घालून मिक्स करावे. पाण्याने घट्ट भिजवून १५ मिनीटे झाकून ठेवावे.
३) १५ मिनीटांनी मळलेल्या पिठाचे २ समान भाग करावे. १ पिठाचा गोळा एकदम पातळ लाटावा आणि सुकू नये म्हणून त्यावरझाकण ठेवून झाकावा. नंतर दसर्‍या पिठाची पोळी लाटावी. त्याच्या वरील बाजूस तेल लावावे आणि झाकलेली पोळी त्यावर ठेवावी. वरून थोडे दाबून एकदा लाटून घ्यावी. खुप जोरात लाटू नये दोन्ही पोळ्या एकमेकांना चिकटाव्यात म्हणून लाटावे.
४) कातणाने शंकरपाळाच्या आकारात कापून तेलात मध्यम आचेवर तळून घ्यावेत. एकदम सर्व न तळता ३-४ विभागात तळावेत. मोठ्या आचेवर तळले तर वरून ब्राऊन होतात पण लगेच मऊ पडतात. म्हणून मंद किंवा मध्यम आचेवर कडक होईस्तोवर तळावेत.
चहाबरोबर हे कुरकूरीत शंकरपाळे मस्तच लागतात.

crunchy snacks, shankarpale, shankarpare


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  1. methi cha kadvat pana yenar nahi na?

  2. hi antara,
    ajibat kadu nazi lagat :)

  3. Hi Vaidehi,
    I am big fan of your blog. I cook every dish according to your recipe. Thanks you very much.
    I need your suggestions, Can you please tell me what are the best recipes for a pregnant women.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hi

    I have started section for postpartum diet recipes. See under 'Diet' label.

  5. Hi Dear Vaidehi.
    Me tuzya Chakalichi NIyamit Vachak ahe.Tuzya sarv recepies khupach easy ani Tasty ahet.Mala na Diwali sathi Chiwada Banavayacha ahe.Apan Breakfast sathi je Pohe Vaparato na tyacha,,kasa banavayacha please sang na,khup Madat hoil.Thanks In Adavance.......

  6. jaad pohyacha chiwda me lavkarat lavkar post karaycha prayatna karen...Happy diwali to you and your family..

  7. Hi, Dear Vaidehi,
    Me tuzya chakalichya recepie pramane kal ckakalya kelya tya farach khuskhushit zalya,thanks.
    Mala shankarpale karaychi ahet,tuzya recepie madhe baking powdrer vaperleli nahi,without baking powder shankarpale crispi/ khuskhushit hotil ka?
    Wish you & your family A very Happy DIWALI.
    Raj, Aurangabad.

  8. Hello Vaidehi,
    I made these Shankarpale and they turned out very very nice. Your method seems simple, but you have thought it through. Usually Khare Shankarpale do not puff and do not come out this crunchy. But your recipe does both these things. Great job. Keep posting.
    Happy Diwali!!

  9. Hello Vaidehi,
    My Shankarpale made per your recipe came out perfect. Usually the khare variety of shankarpale do not puff very much, but your method of preparation makes it happen and therefore they become extra crunchy as well. Almost designer recipe. Thanks and wish you a very Happy Diwali.

  10. Thank Geeta,
    Happy Diwail to you
    I think you are the same Geeta who posted comment on request a recipe page.. There is some problem on request a recipe page..I published your comment but its not appearing.. Sorry for that..

    You had asked for Kande pohe recipe - click here for the recipe

  11. namaskar
    mi namrata mala tumachya receipe khup awadatat

    tumhi shengdanyachya polichi receipe post karu shakal ka
    thank you very much

  12. Hi Namrata

    tumhala shengdanyachi god poli chi recipe havi ahe ka?
    tu gulpoli try karu shaktes.. avadipramane shenganyache praman avadinusar vadhavu shaktes - gulpolichya recipesathi ithe click kar

  13. Hi! Vaidehi,

    mazya kade juna (nmhanje 7-8) months purvicha maida ahe. to waparakla tar chalel ka? ka tyachi 'viri' geli asel ??

  14. namaskar,
    mala vatte kahi harkat nahi juna maida vaparayla..

  15. Hi! Vaidehi,

    you are super prompt to reply back. really pleased 2 c ur reponse. thike, me mazya kade urlela maida vaprun baghen udya.

    Wish u and ur family happy n Prosporous Diwali!

  16. Happy Diwali Vaidehi...


  17. Hi Vaidehi,

    Ithe ghavacha peeth na vaparta purna maida vaparla tar chalel ka?

    1. Baked shankarpali kashi hotil

    2. http://chakali.blogspot.in/2012/07/baked-shankarpale-diwali-faral.html

  18. Hi Vaidehi,

    I tried your recipe for Methi shankarpale yesterday and it turned out to be amazing. My mum and I together have been making shankarpale for couple of years now(my Aaji's recipe) but this time I am in UK and had to prepare it myself. Instead of going for regular ones I wanted to try out something new which led me to your blog. Superb recipes, definitely going to try more.
    I would love to do a blog post on this, I hope you wont mind?

    Happy Diwali

  19. Hi Vaidehi,

    I am a big fan of your blog. After marriage I was very poor in cooking .I learnt all basics from your blog only. Actually it's too late to put comment , because I am trying your recipes from more than 3 years😊😊. N when something turns out yummy n people praises on me then I feel very proud and that time I remember you. So tons of thanks for sharing this food blog , n after website renewal it's becoming very easy to find out particular item, but sometimes I get confused of quantity, when there is mentioned 1 cup I don't understand of which size 😞. For example , in karanji recipe u have mentioned it how much we will need for 50 karanjis but then I won't understand cup of which size.

    Many thanks to Vaidehi

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      You will get measuring cups easily in the market. The set has 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup along with measuring spoons.
      With those measuring cups you can try recipes on chakali blog and get the correct yield too.



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