Schezwan Fried Rice

Schezwan Fried Rice in Marathi I ngredients: ¾ cup white Rice (Basmati or any other long grain) ¾ cup Onion, sliced lengthwise 4 Spring...

Schezwan Fried Rice in Marathi

¾ cup white Rice (Basmati or any other long grain)
¾ cup Onion, sliced lengthwise
4 Spring Onion, finely chopped (keep 2 tbsp aside for garnishing)
¾ cup Cabbage, sliced thinly lengthwise
¼ cup Carrot pieces (1 inch)
¼ cup French Beans (half cooked or use frozen)
1 tbsp Soy sauce
1½ tsp Vinegar
Schezwan Sauce as per taste
1 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste

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Schezwan Sauce Recipe 1

Schezwan Sauce Recipe 2

1) Rice: heat a saucepan; add 2 to 2¼ cup water, ½ tsp Oil and 1 tsp salt. Give a nice stir and add ¾ cup Rice. Cover and let Rice cook on medium heat. Once rice is done, drain remaining water. Transfer Rice to a flat plate to cool down.
2) Add all the vegetables in a bowl except Spring Onion. Add Schezwan sauce a mix well.
3) Heat a nonstick pan; add 1 tbsp Oil. Keep the heat on medium. Stir-fry marinated vegetables for 2 minutes. At the end, add spring Onion. Sauté for 15 seconds; and remove pan from heat. Transfer vegetables to a bowl otherwise it could get burn.
4) Heat the same frying pan; add 1 tbsp Schezwan Sauce. Add rice and mix well until Schezwan sauce spread all over the rice. Add salt if needed. Add Vinegar and Soysauce. Toss nicely.
5) Add stir-fried vegetables and mix finely. Fry for 2 minutes over high heat.

1) If Possible, use Iron Wok instead of nonstick pan as it holds the high heat very well and it gives nice flavor.
2) Schezwan sauce has enough Garlic to give garlic flavor to Schezwan Rice. However, if you want more Garlic Flavor, add 3 to 4 finely chopped Garlic cloves while stir-frying vegetables.


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  1. Khup chan.....recipe vachalyavarch kalate try kela tar chan hoil...

  2. I tried this recipe. But as per Indian taste, little hot paheje !!! What to add for it?



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