Homemade Butter

Homemade Butter in Marathi Ingredients: Collected malai of 4 to 6 days(Please read step 1 for more details) 2 tbsp yogurt Method:...

Homemade Butter in Marathi

Collected malai of 4 to 6 days(Please read step 1 for more details)
2 tbsp yogurt

1) Heat the milk. Malai will form on the surface. Refrigerate when it comes to room temperature. After few hours the milk will be completely chilled. This will thicken the malai. Gently remove it into a different container. Refrigerate. Likewise, collect malai of 4-6 days (Pile up in the same container).
2) When you remove malai into a different container, a little amount of milk also comes along. This milk is important in culturing 'good bacteria'. If you have collected only malai, then add some milk to it.

3) Transfer collected milk and malai to a steel pot. Heat it and wait it becomes lukewarm. It is very important that it is not hot as well as too cold. If it is hot then the milk will curdle after adding yogurt. If it's too cold, then it won't turn into yogurt. (The temperature plays a vital role to cultivate good bacterias and making yogurt). Add 2 tbsp whisked yogurt and stir clockwise. Keep the pot covered at warm place. It will take atleast 5 to 6 hours to make malaiwala yogurt.

4) Once the yogurt is ready, its time to make butter. You will need one big and deep pot and a plastic container with lid. Take blender. Add 1/2 cup water and yogurt. The blender should be half filled. Blend the mixture well.

5) If the mixture is too thick, then add 1/2 cup water and stir from the bottom. Blend well. After 20 seconds you will notice white butter is floating on top of the buttermilk. Then transfer it to the steel pot.

6) Repeat for the remaining yogurt.

7) Gather the butter gently with hand. Transfer it to another pot (you may use the same pot you have used for making yogurt).

8) Use the buttermilk for making kadhi, ukad or tadkewala buttermilk. OR refrigerate for later use. It will stay good for 4-5 days into fridge.

9) Add some cold water and clean the butter (gently turn the butter into water). It will help to remove any remnant of buttermilk. (If you refrigerate the butter without washing, tit will get unpleasant sour smell after few days)

10) Transfer the butter into a plastic container. Add sufficient water to cover the butter. Put a tight lid and refrigerate. OR you can use it to make ghee (Clarified Butter).

1) Small families require less amount of milk. So it produces less quantity of Malai. Do not keep malai for longer because it's in a small quantity. Make the yogurt and butter according to the above method. If you keep the malai longer, it becomes stale and ultimately the butter and ghee will be smelly. Hence, make the butter and refrigerate. You can make the ghee from two batches of butter.


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