How to make Ghee at home

Clarified Butter (ghee) in Marathi Time: 25 to 30 minutes Yield: 2.25 LB clarified butter (from 3 LB...

Clarified Butter (ghee) in Marathi

Time: 25 to 30 minutes
Yield: 2.25 LB clarified butter (from 3 LB unsalted butter)

3 LB unsalted butter

1) Let the butter come to room temperature. Add it to a deep pan. Melt over medium high heat. Do not keep the boiling butter unattended.
2) First, you will notice lots of froth on the surface. Gradually it will calm down and will start settling down at the bottom. (It will take about 15 minutes) (Tip 1)
3) After few minutes, you will notice the bubbles are becoming clear. Once you reached this point, you are 4-5 minutes away from getting flavorful clarified butter. Lower the heat and add a few drops of water. If the butter has clarified properly, you will hear a crackling sound. If you don't, then boil for couple of minutes more.
4) Once butter is clarified, let it cool down a bit (Do not wait till butter solidifies). Strain through a fine meshed "Metal" strainer. (Do not use plastic strainer)
5) After straining, keep the pan tilted to collect more butter. After 15-20 minutes, you will be able to get around a tbsp ghee where pan is tilted. Strain that too.
From 3 LB unsalted butter, you will get 2.25 LB clarified butter (from 1 KG 360 grams butter will make around 1 KG clarified butter.)

1) The time required for clarifying butter may vary depending on the amount of butter (less butter, less time needed), stove flame etc.
2) If you strain the ghee (if ghee is slightly hot) with plastic strainer, it might melt.
3) You can use homemade butter (makkhan/लोणी) to make ghee.

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