Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet in Marathi I ngredients: 1 Potato, Boiled and peeled ½ cup Green Peas ¼ cup Carrot ...

Vegetable Cutlet in Marathi

1 Potato, Boiled and peeled
½ cup Green Peas
¼ cup Carrot pieces
¼ cup French Beans pieces
1 medium Onion, finely chopped
1 tbsp Ginger-Garlic Paste
5 tbsp Besan (Chickpea Flour)
5-7 Green chilies OR Red chili Powder
1 tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp Chat Masala
1 tsp Amchoor Powder
½ cup finely chopped Cilantro
¼ cup roasted Semolina
Salt to taste
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1) Steam cook Green peas, Carrot pieces and French beans pieces together. Add little salt while cooking. Drain excessive water.
2) heat 1 tbsp oil, in a nonstick pan. Add Ginger-garlic paste and finely chopped green chilies. Stir for 5 seconds. Add chopped onion. Let it cook until color changes to brown. Then add Besan and sauté for couple of minutes on medium heat.
3) Grate boiled potato, put all steamed vegetables, Garam Masala, Amchoor Powder, Chat masala, Cilantro, salt and roasted Besan Flour. Mix. Besan will work as binding agent. However, excessive water content in vegetables makes the mixture very sticky. If it happens, add 1 bread slice.
4) Divide mixture into equal parts. Give desired shapes with hands or with the help of cookie cutter. Heat a nonstick pan; grease it with 1 tbsp oil. Apply little roasted semolina to both sides of Cutlet. Shallow fry all cutlets on medium heat. Fry both sides until color turns to golden brown.

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