वेजिटेबल कटलेट - Vegetable Cutlet

Vegetable Cutlet in English साहित्य: १ शिजलेला बटाटा १/२ कप मटार १/४ कप गाजराचे तुकडे १/४ कप ...

Vegetable Cutlet in English

veg cutlet, vegetable cutlet recipe
१ शिजलेला बटाटा
१/२ कप मटार
१/४ कप गाजराचे तुकडे
१/४ कप फरसबीचे तुकडे
१ छोटा कांदा
१ टेस्पून लसूण पेस्ट
५ टेस्पून चणा पिठ
६-७ हिरव्या मिरच्या किंवा चवीनुसार लाल तिखट
१ टिस्पून गरम मसाला
१ टिस्पून चाट मसाला
१ टिस्पून आमचूर पावडर
१/२ कप बारीक चिरलेली कोथिंबीर
१/४ कप भाजलेला रवा

कृती:१) मटार, गाजर, फरसबीचे तुकडे थोडे मीठ घालून वाफवून घ्यावेत. सर्व भाज्या चाळणीत काढून ठेवाव्यात जेणेकरून त्यातील अधिकचे पाणी निघून जाईल.
२) नॉनस्टीक फ्राईंग पॅनमध्ये १ चमचा तेल गरम करून त्यात आले-लसूण पेस्ट व मिरच्या बारीक करून फोडणी करावी. त्यात बारीक चिरलेला कांदा परतून घ्यावा. कांदा परतला कि त्यात चण्याचे पिठ घालावे, पिठ खमंग भाजून घ्यावे.
२) एका भांड्यात शिजलेला बटाटा किसून घ्यावा. त्यात सर्व वाफवलेल्या भाज्या, गरम मसाला, आमचूर पावडर, चाट मसाला, कोथिंबीर, मीठ आणि भाजलेले चणा पिठ घालून एकत्र करावे. चणा पिठामुळे घट्टपणा येतो. पण कधी कधी बटाटा व इतर भाज्यांतील पाण्यामुळे जरा ओलसरपणा येण्याची शक्यता असते तेव्हा गरज वाटल्यास ब्रेड घालावा.
३) मिश्रणाचे समान भाग करून त्याला हाताने किंवा साच्याने आकार द्यावे. नॉनस्टीक फ्राईंग पॅनमध्ये १-२ तेल गरम करत ठेवावे. कटलेटला भाजलेला रवा दोन्ही बाजूने लावून घ्यावा. मध्यम आचेवर दोन्ही बाजूने गोल्डन ब्राऊन करून घ्यावे.

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  1. I would die for it. Whenever I go to my Aunty's place ( Mavashi) , she makes it a point to prepare Tomoto Soup and Veg.Cutlet specially for me.

  2. Thanks for this!!!... I tried this and it's really very tasty.
    please keep posting such recipes.

  3. Harekrishnaji:
    Mazya sasubai khup chan banavtat cutlet tyanchyakadunach shikley :)

    thanks for the comment.

  4. My mouth is watering...Ummm, the picture makes it look delicious.. :)

  5. All your recipes are too good!

  6. Dear Vaidehi,

    you are simply great.I am a dentist and stays in england.The best way to men's heart is though their stomch so with ur website this way is really short and tasty.


  7. Thanks Madhavi for your lovely comment :)

  8. I made it today and it turned very nice ... thanks alot !!

  9. dear friend ,
    thanks alot for lovely receipe ..
    i made it today and it turned out gr8

    thanks alot


  10. Hi Vaidehi

    I want to try this recipe but wondering about whether cutlets are deep fried or can be shallow fried and how many cutlets this recipe will make.

  11. Hi,
    thanks for your comment..these cutlets taste good both way deep fried or shallow fried. I generally shallow fry them.

  12. This is one killer of a veg.cutlet recipe!
    It was my first ever time to prepare vegetable cutlets and the besan mix helped a lot!
    keep them coming :)
    kudos to you vaidehi!

  13. microwave batata so that it becomes dry and the mix does not become wet/moist.

  14. is it necessary to boil vegetables? i never add besan-masala/onion etc. otherwise receipe is somewhat the same. it tastes too good

  15. There is no need to boil the vegetables. We are shallow frying the cutlets. So it is good to steam cook the vegetables before making cutlets..

    I wanted to avoid bread crumbs or bread in cutlets. Roasted besan helps to absorb the moisture and it tastes good too..

  16. Thanks Vaidehi for this receipe. I tried this on my daughter's birthdy as a snacks. It turned out so tasty!!


  17. thanks to this type of chaklis i know baut this type first time i try it an i very happy after eating catlate thanks a lot

  18. Khoop divsapasun Veg. Cutlet che recipe shodhat hote.. aata try karun baghen. Thanks.

  19. Hi vaidehi, I tried most of ur recipies and all are awesome ..... Thanks a lot dear for posting such a simple and delicious recipes..,,,, god bless you....Harshada

  20. Hi,
    Vegetable cutlet khup chan zale hote. sarvana aavadale. Atishay sundar zale hote.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  21. Hi Vaidehi, just stumbled upon your blog while searching for authentic maharashtrian recipes. Oh my God I just loved your blog!. Tu dileya recipes khup sadhya soppya ahet ani photos pahun tar tondala paani sutatey! :D
    Thank you Vaidehi for sharing this wonderful khajana of recipes!
    Now I can't wait to try it all one by one.. :) Thanks once again..

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment :smile:

  22. vegetable cutlet khup chan zale hote
    Thank for your recipe

  23. Hya pramanache kiti cutlet bantil? Party sathi estimate karayache hote. Also, how did you steam cook vegetables? Toch part chukato nehami :)

    1. sadharan 10-12 madhyam cutlet hotil. Party la karayche zalyas lahan praman gheun 1-2 athavde adhi karun pahave mhanje andaj yeil. mag party la banavtana andaj chuknar nahi.



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