How to check recent recipes?

How to check recent recipes on Chakali blog? You are on Chakali's home page - Scroll down upto the middle ...

How to check recent recipes on Chakali blog?

You are on Chakali's home page -

Scroll down upto the middle of the page.
On the right hand side, you will see different labels in Green color.
To see Recent recipes or month-wise recipes, see the label 'मागोवा - Archive' at the right most column, below the label 'प्रतिसाद - Response' and above 'convenience'

Click on the drop-down menu and select month to see recipes posted in that particular month.

For Recent recipes, select the most recent month from the drop down menu.


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  1. Hi Vaidehi,
    As you know very well, i am very begineer in cooking. And just because of you (only) i could able to try diffrent recipes.
    I just want to know how to prepare a plate?
    and what is Shalow fry and deep fry?
    Trust my silly question wont take your much time..
    My wishes... and love

  2. Hi Rohini
    Thanks for your comment..
    Shallow fry - Cooking food in very little oil. (roasting the food item over tawa by adding little oil) Eg. Kothimbir wadi
    Deep fry - normal frying by using lots of oil just like batata wada, Pakoda

  3. Hi Vadiehi,
    Thank you for clearing my question.
    Pan what about preparing a plate :)
    Best wishes..

  4. hi Vadiehi

    mi niymit blog vachte n chanchan padarth karun hi pahate sarvanach aavadtat pan mala aase vatte ki tumhi sagli mahiti detat tar ashi Marathit new baby 6+ months sathi lihavi Rami

  5. Rami
    me nakki post karen 6+ month sathi recipes

  6. Magova is not working. Is there any other way to check recent recipies?

    - Smita

  7. Hi Smita,

    I just checked Magova. It is working. Did you get any error when you opened it?

  8. hi vaidehi ,
    ag maz opera mini browser ahe....
    magova che drop down list open nahi hote...

  9. nd renovation madhe calender system mast zali ahe

  10. Hi Shweta

    Mag tu Firefox download karun paha. Me tech vaparte. tyat drop down vyavasthit distey.
    Ani me baghte Opera mini browser download karun. Tyat kahi changes karta yetat ka te pahte.

  11. Hi Vaidehi,
    I am using IE 8. Drop down does not work in Magova. How to check recent recipes?

    - Smita

  12. Hi Smita

    Download Firefox browser. Drop down works in firefox.

  13. Hi!

    Jevha jevha ha blog update hoto tevha aamhala notification milu shakel ka email ne? that way we can track all new recipes. I subscribed to this blog by email - but I received no notification though the blog has been updated later.


  14. Hi Pradnya

    Tumhi blog varil subscription box madhye tumcha email submit kelat ka. Parat ekda karun paha. Jar tarisuddha email updates alya nahit tar mala kalva.


  15. Hello Vaidehiji,
    ARCHIEVE is not working in my Opera broser So As u said earlier I download FIREFOX browser. then also it is not working in firefox. so please tell me from where I can operate ARCHIVE section.


  16. Hi Hemangi,

    Are you talking about "मागोवा - Archive" section. because I am able to use it in Firefox. If possible, try to operate chakali blog on another computer and see if it works correctly on that. If so, then it might be some problem related to your machine.

  17. magova is not working, is there any other way to check recent recipes


  18. I checked and Magova is working. Can you please describe what the exact problem you are facing?

  19. Hi Vaidehi,

    Magova is not working. WHen you click on drop down menu, it remains frozen. I mean, there's no drop down menu that I can see.

  20. I think that is a java script issue - in my exp... but then I am not a software pro...

  21. sorry for third comment on same subject, but just went through earlier discussion. I am using Firefox version 21.0 where I cant see magova.



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