Paneer Pizza Images

Fresh baked Pizza Base ---**--- Toppings: Pizza sauce and vegetables ---**--- Topped with Marinated Paneer ---**--- Lots of Cheese ---**--- ...

Fresh baked Pizza Base

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Toppings: Pizza sauce and vegetables

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Topped with Marinated Paneer

Party Pizza, Pizza, Pizza Slice, chicken pizza

Lots of Cheese

Pizza toppings, thin crust pizza, four cheese pizza

Baked Pizza ready to serve

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  1. Pizza loooks cheesy n deilcious..

  2. Pizza looks great and yummy,nice try

  3. Thanks Divya, Mrs. Kannan and hetal for your lovely comment,..

  4. pizza is looking delicious but the there is so much mozzerella cheese sprinkled on its top, this should be less.

  5. Hello,
    thanks for visiting chakali blog and leaving comment..
    I love pizza, However I don't eat it frequently. I think its okay to eat extra cheese pizza once in a while!! :) But you can add less cheese if you like..

  6. Hi Di

    Thanks for your lovely receipes, please post na pav bhaji masala sabji masala powder receipe pulav masala powder receipe

    Waiting for your reply

  7. Namaskar Nidhi

    Right now I don't have pavbhaji masala, sabzi masala recipes. I use readymade spices. But I will try to find these recipes.

  8. Wow! This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Check out my new blog-



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