Makkedi Roti

Makkedi roti in Marathi Time: 15 to 20 minutes 6 Bhakri I ngredients 3.5 cups yellow corn flo...

Makkedi roti in Marathi

Time: 15 to 20 minutes
6 Bhakri

3.5 cups yellow corn flour
Hot water
1/2 salt
ghee or butter

1) Take yellow corn flour into a mixing bowl. Add salt and enough hot water. Knead to a soft dough. Divide the dough into 8 equal portions.
2) Heat a tawa over low heat. Take sprinkle some dry corn flour over a flat surface. Take 1 dough portion. Flatten it with your palm. Pat and move in circular pattern to enlarge the bhakri. You may roll the dough, but it need to done very gently as the dough is very delicate and doesn't have elasticity.
3) Keep the floury side up on tawa. Apply some water on the surface. You may use a clean cotton cloth. Now turn the heat to high. When water on the surface dries up slightly, flip the bhakri. Cook both sides well. You may put the bhakri on direct flame to puff it. (bhakri will puff up even on the tawa)
4) When bhakri is well roasted, serve it. Add some ghee or butter while serving. Makkedi roti is usually served with sarso ka saag. However, you may try it with any other north indian spicy curry.

1) It is important to make bhakri immediately after kneading the dough.


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