Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi in Marathi Time: 10 minutes Makes: 2 servings I ngredients: 1.5 cups thick yogu...

Sweet Lassi in Marathi

Time: 10 minutes
Makes: 2 servings

1.5 cups thick yogurt, chilled
2 tbsp malaidar dahi (सायीचे दही) (We will need only top layer of malai)
3 tbsp milk (Step no. 1)
4 to 5 tbsp sugar
2 tsp dry fruits pieces (cashew, pistachio, almond)
few strands of Saffron (optional)

1) If the yogurt is too thick then only add milk. Otherwise skip it.
2) Blend the yogurt in a blender alongwith sugar. You may use Indian style buttermilk whisk to blend the yogurt. Blend it for little longer to get smooth texture.
3) Once it is properly mixed, taste a little. If you need more sugar then add some. Blend again.
4) Pour in two serving glasses. Take only malai layer from Malaidar dahi. Place onto the lassi. Also garnish with some dryfruits and saffron. Serve

1) Many variations can be done. For flavor you can add cardamom powder.
2) To make Pista flavored lassi, use very little edible green color, generous amount of pistachios, and one or two drops of pistachio essence. Likewise you can try different flavors like rose, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple etc.
3) To make Malaiwala dahi, take 1/2 cup warm milk and 3 tbsp malai. Add 1 tbsp of yogurt and stir with a spoon clockwise. Stir for a minute. Cover and let it set for 5 to 6 hours.


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  1. Vaidehi i never thot dat lassi was so simple to ... and so many variations could be done to it...
    thnx dear :)
    i m surely gonna try it!! n den da pistachio 1 2 .



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