Grilled Paneer Sandwich

Paneer Sandwich in Marathi Time: 20 minutes Yield: 3 sandwiches Ingredients: 6 Bread slices 3 tbsp O...

Paneer Sandwich in Marathi

Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 3 sandwiches

paneer sandwich, grilled paneer sandwich, paneer toast sandwich, paneer quick snacks recipes, one dish meal recipes, quick snack recipesIngredients:
6 Bread slices
3 tbsp Onion julienne
3 tbsp Bell Pepper julienne
1 tsp Chat masala
3 tbsp green chutney
1 tbsp butter
75 gram paneer, small cubes
1/2 tsp cumin powder
2 to 3 tbsp Tomato Ketchup
Salt to taste

1) In a small bowl, mix cumin powder, tomato ketchup and pinch of salt. Marinate paneer cubes in it for 10 minutes. Paneer cubes should be well coated.
2) Grill paneer pieces or you may stir fry them in a pan with little butter or olive oil. After grilling keep aside.
3) Apply little butter on both sides of the bread. Toast the bread slices in a pan over low flame.
4) Now apply green chutney on 3 bread slices. Add paneer pieces and vegetables. Sprinkle some chat masala. Take the remaining bread slices and apply green chutney. Finish making sandwiches.
5) Grill them well or you can use a nonstick pan to toast them. If using nonstick pan, Toast one side on medium-low flame. After 2-3 minutes, use a wide spatula and gently flip to the other side. Toast another side for couple more minutes.

Serve hot with green chutney and tomato ketchup.

1) If making for kids, use very mild green chutney or use no green chili.
2) Use readymade paneer as it does not melt quickly.


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  1. thanks for sharing this recipe. can u upload video of making this recipe? it will be easy for me when i will try it at home.

  2. I will record a video next time I make this sandwich and post it

  3. I love eating paneer... Hmmm paneer in sandwich will be a nice combination let see how it will be.



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