Malai Kofta in white gravy

Malai Kofta in Marathi Time: approx 1 and 1/2 hour Serves: 3 persons I ngredients: For Kofta Cover: ...

Malai Kofta in Marathi

Time: approx 1 and 1/2 hour
Serves: 3 persons

malai, kofta, malai kofta, shahi malai kofta recipe, kofta curry white gravy, malai kofta recipesIngredients:
For Kofta Cover:
3 medium potatoes
2 tbsp Corn Flour
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry
1/2 cup grated paneer
2 pinches salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1 green chili, finely chopped
25 Raisins
2 tsp finely chopped cilantro
1 big White onion, cut into two halves
2 tsp butter
2 green chilies
paste of 3 big garlic cloves,
paste of 1 small piece of ginger
Whole spices: 2 bay leaves, 2-3 cloves, 3 black pepper, 1 small stick of cinnamon, 2 cardamom buds
2 tbsp cashew paste
1/2 cup Half and half (Tip 5)
Salt to taste

restaurant style malai kofta, Method:
1) Boil the potatoes. Peel and mash well (tip 2). Add 2 tbsp corn flour and salt to taste. Knead well and divide into 8 equal portions.
2) Mix all the ingredients given under stuffing label. Divide this stuffing in 8 equal portions.
3) Flatten the potato mixture and make a semi thick round disc (around 2.5 inches). Put the stuffing at the center and cover nicely by joining all the edges. Make the surface smooth. Finish making koftas.
4) Deep fry koftas over medium high heat. Keep aside until we make gravy.
5) Boil the onion (I pressure cooked the onion upto 2 whistles.). Make a fine paste.
6) Heat butter into a pan. Add whole spices (Tip 1), green chilies and ginger-garlic paste. Saute for 15 seconds. Now add onion paste and salt. Cook over high heat. Stir continuously until color changes slightly.
7) Add cashew paste. Stir in between as cashew paste tends to stick at bottom of the pan. Add very little water to adjust the consistency. Cover the pan and cook until raw smell of cashews disappear. (for 3 to 4 minutes) (Tip)
8) Turn the heat to low. Add half and half and stir vigorously as it may curdle due to salt and onion. Once its well blended put the flame over medium. Cook for few minutes. Add koftas and serve immediately with chapati or any Indian bread.

1) In step 7, after cashew paste is well cooked, I removed the whole spices from the gravy. After that, I blended the gravy for couple of minutes to make it smooth and silky. Then I put the gravy in the same pan and followed the recipe as given.
2) Mash the potatoes very well. There shouldn't be any lumps.
3) If you add garam masala or any other spice powder, it will change the color of gravy. Therefore, add whole spices which will give flavor to the gravy without changing its color.
4) The stuffing can be variate or few additions like cashews, pistachios may be added to your preference.
5) Half and half is a mixture of 1 portion whole milk and 1 portion heavy cream.It is available at grocery stores in refrigerator section


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  1. In the above recipe...there is an ingredient in the gravy 'Half and Half'...what does that mean?

  2. Hello
    Half and half means a mixture of cream and whole milk (equal proportion). You can use 1/4 cup heavy cream and add 1/4 cup whole milk to it.

  3. in this what do u mean by whole spices (tip 1)

  4. Whole spices means mixture of Whole spices: 2 bay leaves, 2-3 cloves, 3 black pepper, 1 small stick of cinnamon, 2 cardamom buds

    It is garam masala in whole form, not grounded to powder form

  5. Nicce recipe.. Will try it today on karvachauth eve

  6. Recipe was nice and easy to made my menu rich and delicious.



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