Paneer Chili

Paneer chili I ngredients: 150 Gram Paneer 6-7 Dry Red Chilies Oil for Deep Frying 1 tbsp Ginger P...

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150 Gram Paneer
6-7 Dry Red Chilies
Oil for Deep Frying
1 tbsp Ginger Paste
1 tbsp Garlic Paste
1 tbsp Tomato paste
½ cup thinly sliced Onion
¼ cup thinly sliced Bell pepper
¼ cup finely chopped Green onion
2 tbsp Corn Starch or Corn Flour
2 tsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp White Vinegar
Salt to taste
½ tsp Sugar
½ tsp Black pepper powder
Paneer recipe, chili paneer, starters recipe, chinese paneer starter recipe, indian grocery, food, spicy chili paneerMethod:
::::Chili Sauce::::
1) Boil ¾-cup water in a saucepan. Break Dry red chilies and put it into boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes, turn off the heat and cover the saucepan with lid. It will make chilies little soft. Keep it cover for 10 minutes. Drain and reserve the chili water. Grind chilies to fine paste.
2) Mix Tomato paste and chili paste together. In a saucepan, heat 1 tbsp oil, stir this mixture for a minute, and transfer this paste to another bowl. This is our Chili Sauce.

1) Cut Paneer into 1-inch cubes. In a bowl, add little salt, ½ tsp Black Pepper Powder, 1 pinch each out of 1 tbsp Garlic paste and Ginger paste. Mix all this ingredients very well. Marinate Paneer cubes gently with this mixture.
2) In other bowl, add 1 tbsp corn flour/ Corn Starch and 5-6 tsp water, make thin consistency paste. Heat enough oil for deep-frying. Use small nonstick deep fryer, which will give us, required depth for deep-frying by using less amount of oil. Dip marinated Paneer pieces into Corn flour paste, and deep-fry these pieces till color turns to golden. Fry 2-3 pieces at a time. Do not fry longer; it could affect the taste of Paneer. Transfer fried pieces to Paper towel and remove extra oil.
3) Mix reserved Chili water and 1 tbsp remaining Corn flour paste together.

::::Chili Paneer::::
1) Heat 2-3 tsp oil in a nonstick frying pan. Add remaining ginger-garlic paste and sliced onion and sauté. Once onion is half cooked, add sliced bell pepper and sauté. Do not cook bell pepper completely. Add chili sauce, which we have prepared in 1st step. Add Soy sauce, Vinegar, Sugar and mixture of Chili water and Corn Flour paste. Let the mixture become little thick. Once mixture becomes thick, add fried Paneer Pieces and mix gently. Cook for a minute. Garnish with Chopped green onion and Serve hot as starter.

1) While coating Paneer with Corn Flour paste, be careful about the consistency of the paste. It should not be thick. It will affect the taste. We want very thin coating of Corn flour paste on Paneer.
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  1. thanks for the english version..i had difficulty reading marathi :)..delicious paneer chili:)

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  8. WOW!!
    I loved the idea of tomato paste and grounded soaked red chillies... i tried the recipe with gravy and Eggplant instead of paneer... IT was a HIT!!

  9. tomato paste is fresh tomato puree or tomato ketchup??

  10. Tomato paste means Canned Tomato paste

  11. The Paneer Chilli looks absolutely Yum!

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