Sweet Kachori

Sweet Kachori in Marathi Time: 35 minutes Makes:  approx 15 medium kachoris I ngredients: ::Stuffing:: 1 cup fresh scraped coconut...

Sweet Kachori in Marathi

Time: 35 minutes
Makes:  approx 15 medium kachoris

1 cup fresh scraped coconut
1/2 cup sugar or to taste
2 tbsp cashew, broken into small pieces
2 tbsp golden raisins
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
pinch of salt
1 green chili, finely chopped
::For cover::
3 medium potatoes, boiled and peeled
approx 6 tbsp singoda flour
pinch of salt.
Other ingredient
Ghee for deep frying

1) Mash potatoes well. There shouldn't be any lumps. Add salt. Add singoda flour till you get doughy consistency. Use little ghee if the dough becomes sticky. Cover and keep it aside till we make the stuffing.
2) Mix coconut, sugar, cashews, raisins, cumin seeds, pinch of salt and green chili into a mixing bowl.
3) Divide the dough into 1.5 inch balls. Take a small plastic sheet, grease it. Also grease your palms. Place one portion of the dough on plastic sheet and spread it with your hand or roll it with a rolling pin. Put one spoon of stuffing in the center and gather all the edges of the dough. Seal it well.
4) Likewise prepare all the kachoris and deep fry over medium heat.
Serve hot with yogurt. You can also add some sugar in the yogurt.

1) Do not stuff kachoris ahead of time. Sugar melts when we mix it with coconut and the kachoris become mushy. Melted sugar will ooze out of kachori. Hence stuff and fry kachoris just 10 minutes before serving.
2) You may add any other flour which is allowed during fast. For eg. Sabudana flour, Rajgira flour etc.

Nutritional Info: (per kachori)
Calories: 100 | Carbs: 15 g | Fat: 4 g | Protein: 1 g | Sat. Fat: 3 g | Sugar: 1 g


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  1. Hi Vaidehi,

    Absolutely lovely.

    Could you tell me how to make the sweet spicy kachori's that are available??

    I just love them and can't wait to be able to make some myself.

    Many Thanks,


  2. I will post sweet and spicy kachori soon.



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