Khoya from Ricotta Cheese

How to make Khoya from Ricotta Cheese in Marathi I ngredients: 425 Gram Ricotta Cheese 1/2 tsp Pure Ghee M ethod: Heat a nonstick pan. Add 1...

How to make Khoya from Ricotta Cheese in Marathi

425 Gram Ricotta Cheese
1/2 tsp Pure Ghee

Heat a nonstick pan. Add 1 tsp Ghee and Ricotta Cheese. Stir on medium heat. Within 2-3 minutes, it will start melting and after 10-15 minutes, it will start thickening. Keep stirring, otherwise Ricotta cheese could stick to the pan. Slowly, it will become thick; it takes approximately 25-30 minutes. In this process, liquid content in Ricotta cheese evaporates and starts converting into Khoya. Khoya (Thickened Ricotta Cheese) should be thick in consistency and should form a ball. Knead this khoya gently after it cool down.

Food Items made by using Khoya - Pedha sweets and Mava Kulfi

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  1. hey hi! Have been a regulary visiting your blog since last few days. Your blog is truly amazing! great recipes,beautiful pics, helpful slideshows and everything is so neatly organized!!

    thanks for sharing your recipes!
    here r my 2 blogs....have just started them...

  2. have added your blog in my blogroll...:)

  3. thanks life for adding me in your blogroll

  4. this is intresting. so this khoya can be used in any indian recipe that calls for khoya? wowowo. tht is great coz ricotta is eay to find. nice idea.

  5. Karuna
    thanks for your comment and happy diwali to you..
    Yes you can use Ricotta cheese instead of Khoya as it is very easy to get in any supermarket

  6. very easy recipe thanx ..can we use this khoya in gulab jamun too?

    plz reply

  7. hi sadia
    thanks for commenting..
    yeah you can use 'Khoya made from ricotta cheese' in any recipe which requires Khoya..
    you can replace regular khoya with this khoya made from ricotta cheese.

  8. Hi Vaidehi,
    Just tried making this and it has worked out great! Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    Wish you a Happy Diwali!


  9. Hi Bhagyashri,
    thanks a lot for your comment...

    Wish you a Happy diwali

  10. What a simple way to make Khoa, Vaidehi. I make homemade khoa sometimes and was looking for a simpler recipe and I found yours. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Vaidehi,
    Can we use home made paneer for this?

  12. Hello,
    Although, paneer and khoa are milk based. those are two different things.
    Paneer is made by curdling milk with tart food items like vinegar, yogurt, lemon juice or citric acid.
    Khoya is milk concentrate. Khoya can be obtained by heating milk in open pan alongwith continuous stirring. Liquid in milk evaporates and this way we get khoya.

    Therefore khoya cannot be replaced by paneer.

  13. Hey.. Just wondering... can this khoya be used for making gulabjamun as well?
    When in India mom would make them of the khoya we normally get there. Here its difficult to find and i have come to hate the instant gits n other gulabjamuns...
    I have been looking for a substitute for quite some time now...

  14. Hello Saee

    Yes you can make gulabjamun using ricotta cheese.
    Here is the recipe - Click here



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