Rava Laddu

Ravyache Ladu (Semolina Laddu) in Marathi Yield : 15 laddus I ngredients: 2 Cups Fine Semolina 1 Cup Water 1 ½ Cups Sugar ½ cup Pure Ghee 1 ...

Ravyache Ladu (Semolina Laddu) in Marathi

Yield : 15 laddus
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2 Cups Fine Semolina
1 Cup Water
1 ½ Cups Sugar
½ cup Pure Ghee
1 tsp Cardamom Powder

1) Heat a wok. Melt ½ cup Ghee. Add 2 cups semolina and fry till color turns to Pink and you sense nice aroma of semolina.
2) In other saucepan, add 1 cup water and 1 ½ cup sugar. Turn on the heat and make sugar syrup. We need One string consistency for sugar syrup (Thin string is formed when tested between thumb and forefinger.) Alternatively, once the syrup becomes transparent, boil for 2 to 4 minutes.
3) Pour this sugar syrup into fried Semolina. Add cardamom powder and mix well.
4) Cover this mixture with lid for some time and make laddus once the mixture becomes thick.

1) If the mixture is little dry and you are unable to form laddus out of it. Boil ½ cup water; add 3 tbsp sugar. Make sugar syrup and add it to the mixture. Mix it well and make laddus.
2) Use Fine Semolina for making laddus.

3) If the sugar syrup goes a little beyond the one string consistency, laddu mixture will thicken fast. Therefore keep an eye on it.

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  1. what is the shelf life of these laddu shef

  2. Laddus stay fresh for about 20 days..

  3. How to make ladoos vid coconut in them?

  4. hi, vaidehi, i used fine sooji, rava to make this ladoos, but i got a very different teture than the ladus above,, mine look more like sheera texture,which semolina did u use exactly?

  5. Hello Prajakta

    I used fine sooji only. Do not use superfine sooji which looks similar to maida.

    If the mixture it too soft then roast little fine rava. Warm the mixture in microwave for few seconds or may be a minute (according to the quantity). Add little roasted rava into it and mix. Once you get the desired consistency, start making laddus.

    Making sugar syrup requires some practice and patience :). You will be able to get the exact consistency syrup when you try it for a few times.



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