Areas of Improvement

हे काहि जमले नाही बुवा! - Areas of Improvement पाककृती म्हणजे एक स्टेप बाय स्टेप प्रोसेस असते. त्यामुळे बर्याचवेळा आपण ती "रिपीटेबल&quo...

हे काहि जमले नाही बुवा! - Areas of Improvement
पाककृती म्हणजे एक स्टेप बाय स्टेप प्रोसेस असते. त्यामुळे बर्याचवेळा आपण ती "रिपीटेबल" असावी आणि स्थळ काल यावर अवलंबून नसावी असे गृहित धरतो. पण पाक "कले"तील कलेचा भाग म्हणजे बनवणार्याचा अनुभव,कौशल्यआणि पार्श्वभूमी आणि बर्याच गोष्टी. आता माझ्या बनवण्याच्या शैलीमुळे किंवा रेसिपी लिहिताना लेखनात राहिलेल्या काही त्रुटींमुळे पदार्थ बिघडला तर मला इथे कमेंट लिहून नक्की सुचवा. कदाचित कुठली पाककृती वाचून ती अजून चांगली करण्याची युक्ति तुम्हाला माहीत असेल ती कळवा. वाचकांपैकी अनेक अनुभवाने मोठे पाककलाकार आहेत, त्यांच्या अनुभवाचा आणि कौशल्याचा उपयोग सर्वांनाच होईल.


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  1. kaahi kitchen tips dya
    2-3 parts madhe

  2. hello,mala tumachya sagalya recipes khup baryach karun pahilya ahet.ani masta zalelya sagalya.
    tumhi ethe milk shakes,ani ajun kahi soups recipes dyal ka ?please.

  3. thanks Ashu nakki prayatna karen milkshake ani soups chya recipes post karaycha

  4. hello vaidehi
    I like ur almost all the recipes.........I follow ur site mostly.......
    I love all the recipes....its yummmmmmy
    I have kind of suggestion or u I can say request....You should enable the search option in the site.......If I wish to find a particular recipe.......I dont find it easily....

  5. Hi Supriya,
    First of all thank you for leaving comment. Glad you like chakali blog so much!
    Search option is available on chakali blog. you will see a search box on the right hand side of chakali blog (second rectangle).
    NOTE: Use 'Internet explorer' when you want to search any particular recipe

  6. Thanks vaidehi.......
    I didn't know that I had to use internet browser ...
    Any ways thanks a lot.... and I'm also looking for recipe for Khari(type of bread)
    I would appreciate if u provide us recipe for that..


  7. Hi Supriya
    I will try Khari and post it..

  8. I love your blogspot. I haven't tried any recipes yet, however, the way you've organized the recipes in various ways, the simple & straightforward instructions, and the delectable pictures.... Simply Great !!


  9. update weekly receipes. how long we see the gulab jamun receipe? pl. change it.

  10. Hi Vaidehi,

    Your recipes and its presentations are AUSUM and
    mouthwatering, to suggest - it would be more attractive if you post each recepie with step by step pictures.really this would be helpful for all.

  11. Hello
    Thanks for following Chakali blog regularly..right now, I am on vacation.. and I promise that from next week I will update recipes just like earlier.

  12. Hello Neelam

    Thanks for your suggestion..I will try to post step by step images in future.

  13. i love ur site.
    got new microwave oven bt dnt knw much abt it.plz if pocble gv sm more microwave recipes and gv sm more diet recipes also.

  14. Hello

    I will post microwave recipes and diet recipe soon.

  15. Hi,
    Hi Vaidehi tai
    Me ladipav banvale pan khup Kadak jale  please reply

  16. Namaskar

    Yeast ghatalyavar pani fesalale hote na? karan jar garam panyat yeast ghatale te activate hot nahi. mag bread nit fulat nahi ani kadak hoto.

  17. HIII vaidehi,
    me nehamich tuza blog follow karate.ani ho all receipes turned out very well.thanks a lot.
    a request JILBI chi receipe post karshil ka?

  18. Thanks Dhanashri
    Jilbi chi recipe nakki post karen.

  19. hey all ur recipes are very good and easy to make. but the search option is not upto the mark. plz can u make that option easy.? how to search those recipes wch we want..??

  20. Hello

    Thanks for your comment.
    To search recipes, please look at the right side upper corner of the blog. You will find a green label named 'search Chakali recipes'. Under that label, click on 'click here to search recipes'. This action will get you to the search page.

    I will try to make the searching easy soon.

  21. Dear Vaidehi,
    i may forget my cup of tea every morning, but i do not forget to open your site, every morning, like some religious ritual. i can easily find recipies i have in my mind just by clicking the search option. but if i open ur site with a blank mind not knowing what i wish to cook today, in search of new recipies, then its very difficult to browse through ur site. i clicked the marathi index option but most of the sub headings in this index, when clicked, show the message - "no posts shown under this label". kindly help.

  22. Hello

    I will try to make it more user friendly. Also I will update marathi recipe index soon.

    Thanks for being a regular visitor :)

  23. vaidahi tumhi sarw recipes far chan banwatat tumchya mule me navin padarth shikle ani stutu milwali dhanywad...

  24. Hi ...
    Mi tumchya recipes nehemi pahate...khup chhan chhan resipes mala shikayla milalya...thank u so much... .



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