Sabudana Thalipith

Sabudana Thalipith I ngredients: 1 cup Sabudana (sago) 2 medium Potatoes (Boied) 1/2 cup roasted Peanut Powder 5-6 Green chilies 1/4 ...

Sabudana Thalipith

1 cup Sabudana (sago)
2 medium Potatoes (Boied)
1/2 cup roasted Peanut Powder
5-6 Green chilies
1/4 cup finely chopped Cilantro
1 tbsp Lemon juice
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Cumin Powder
Salt to taste
Oil / Ghee
Plastic sheet (atleast 2 ft X 2 ft)

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1) Soak Sabudana into water for 4-5 minutes and drain. Cover with lid keep aside atleast 3-4 hours.
2) Peel boiled potatoes and mash them. Remove all the lumps.
3) Grind chilies to fine paste.
4) Peanuts Powder: roast peanuts and peel off. Grind to coarse powder
5) In a mixing bowl, add soaked Sabudana, mashed potatoes, ground chilies, Cumin seeds, Cumin powder, Peanuts powder, Cilantro, Lemon juice, and salt to taste. Mix all together. Divide dough and make 2 to 3 inch balls.
6) Grease one side of plastic sheet. Fold into half and open. Put one dough ball in middle of one-half of sheet and press a little. Cover it with second half part of sheet. And roll with roller pin to thin round layer.
7) Grease and heat not-stick pan. Put rolled dough carefully in the pan. Keep the heat on medium high. Drizzle little ghee or oil around Thalipith. Cover pan with lid and cook both sides to golden brown.

Serve hot with combination of Yogurt and Chili paste. Or Sweet Lemon Pickle.

Sabudana Thalipith, Thalipith Recipe, Maharashtrian Recipe, Fast Recipe, Upavas recipe, Upas recipe


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