लिंबाचे गोड लोणचे - Sweet Lime Pickle

Lemon Pickle in English

Lemon Pickle in English

lemon pickle, sweet lemon pickle
१२ लिंबं (टीप १)
१ किलो साखर (४ मोठ्या वाट्या वरपर्यंत भरून)
१ वाटी मिठ
३/४ वाटी लाल तिखट
२ टिस्पून जिरेपूड

१) लिंबं धुवून घ्यावीत. व्यवस्थित पुसून घ्यावी, पाणी राहू देवू नये. मध्यम आकाराच्या फोडी करून त्यातील बिया काढून टाकाव्यात. एका लिंबाच्या साधारण ८ ते १० फोडी कराव्यात.
२) फोडींना मिठ, तिखट, जिरेपूड लावून साधारण ८ दिवस स्वच्छ काचेच्या कोरड्या बरणीत भरून ठेवावे.
पद्धत १
साखरेचा १ तारी पाक करावा (१ किलो साखरेला दिड वाटी पाणी). पाक गार करावा. त्या पातेल्यात ८ दिवस मुरवलेल्या लिंबाच्या फोडी घालव्यात. ढवळून बरणीत भरावे.
सर्व लोणचे बरणीत भरले कि बरणीच्या तोंडाशी १ मुठभर साखर घालून झाकण बंद करावे. लोणचे चांगले मुरायला ४-५ महिने लागतात.

पद्धत २
जर पाक करायचा नसेल तर नुसती साखर, ८ दिवस मुरवलेल्या लिंबाच्या फोडीत मिक्स करावी. बरणीत भरून ठेवावे. रोजच्या रोज बरणी उघडून, स्वच्छ व कोरड्या चमच्याने लोणचे ढवळावे. असे साखर पूर्ण विरघळेस्तोवर करावे.

१) लिंबं पातळ सालीची घ्यावी. जर अमेरीकेत असाल तर पातळ सालीची लिंबं मिळत नाहीत. अशावेळी पाणी एकदम चांगले उकळवावे. गॅस बंद करून त्यात आख्खी लिंबं घालावीत आणि वर झाकण ठेवावे. पाणी गार झाले कि लिंबं व्यवस्थित पुसून घ्यावी आणि एकदोन तास वार्‍यावर ठेवावी म्हणजे पाणी पूर्ण निघून जाईल. मग वरच्या कृतीनेच लोणचे करावे.


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  1. thanks! this is my fav maharashtrian pickle.

  2. thanks, khup kadichi hi recipe shodat hote.mala soyabeen chilli chi recipe havi ahe, plsss.

  3. thanks.. soyabean chili chi recipe post karen

    1. Hi Vaidehi, your pickle looks very authentic and DELICIOUS :) Please share it in English too! I don't understand marathi :(

    2. Hello Betty

      Thank you for commenting.. Please see the link for English version just above the photo.

  4. thanx for recipe, but it tk 4-5 months!! is there alternate recipe, which make it soon!! pls

  5. Hello,
    you can steam cook lemons in pressure cooker. But you will have to put the pickle in refrigerator. Also, the shelf life of pickles reduces.

  6. hi,Vaidehi didi mala tumcha recipes khup aavadatat aani samajayla sopya aasatat.Thank u very much. Chakali blogmule U.S. madhehi aekatepana janvat nahi khup chan freind bhetalasarakhi vatate.Thumhi mala lemon chilli mix pickle and onion garlic recipes mail karal ka please.ashwinibiradar@yahoo.com

  7. Hello Ashwini
    me prayatna karen lemon chili mix pickle chi recipe post karaycha

    onion garlic chi recipe mhanje tumhala nakki kuthalya recipes pahije ahet?

  8. i have a doubt will fungs not form to lemons in 7 days?

  9. Hi Sonali

    No pickle wont spoil if you follow the above method.

  10. I really liked your sweet lemon pickle recipe..I have been in US for a few years now..and its great that you can explain both ways of doing these recipes, really appreciate that. I will definitely keep visiting your blog,thanx again..

  11. Hi Thanks for detailed process. what if I mix every thing and pressure cook every thing in closed container. My mother in law use to make lonche this way. That use get ready to consume very fast.
    apearance use to be the same as you are showing in the photograph.
    by the way wanted to thank you for chakli recipe. I made it for the first time and every one appriciated.

  12. Hello

    Thank you for visiting chakali blog and leaving comment.
    Yes it is fine to make lonche according to your mother in law's method. But I am not sure about the shelf life. If you make it in a large quantity you may have to keep it in the fridge. OR prepare pickle in a small quantity which would last only for a week or so.

  13. Really good ....finally ur recipe work out for me

  14. Hi Vaidehi,
    tumachya receipe kupach sopya astat, mala khup avadtat.

  15. can you pleaseeee translate it to english

  16. Hi Vaidehi, Instead of Sugar can we use Jaggery (gul) ?. If yes, then how much jaggery should be used for 12 lemons?

  17. Hi Vaidehi,
    Is it ok to use Jaggery instead of Sugar in the sweet lime pickle? If yes then how much? - Thanks

    1. Hello Rohan

      Yes you can use jaggery to make this pickle. If you have 2 portions of lemon pieces, then use 1.5 portion of jaggery. (use grated jaggery)
      Follow first two steps of the above recipe. After 8 days, lemon will leave the juice. Take the oozed juice into a clean and dry mixing bowl. Crush the jaggery in that juice and add this mixture to the lemon. Mix well. You may keep it in the sun light to get a better and quick result (do not put the lid on. Cover the jar with a thick cotton cloth)

  18. Nice receipe khup chan ani ekdum soppy

  19. By above process it takes 4-5 months. So there is any instant process for sweet lemon pickle? Can we use the cooked lemons(without water)?



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