Fenugreek Laddu Methi Laddu

Fenugreek Laddu in Marathi Time: approximately 2 hours Yield: 25 medium laddus I ngredients: 1 cup W...

Fenugreek Laddu in Marathi

Time: approximately 2 hours
Yield: 25 medium laddus

Methi Ladu, Fenugreek Laddu, Postpartum Lactation recipes, lactation recipes, fenugreek recipes, methi recipes, fenugreek lactationIngredients:
1 cup Wheat flour
2 cups Soybean flour
1 cup Cashew powder
1 cup Dry dates powder
1/2 cup Almond powder
1/2 cup Pistachio powder
2 cups Dry coconut, grated and roasted
50 gram Dink Powder (Edible Gum)
50 gram Fenugreek seeds
2 to 2 and 1/2 cup Jaggery, grated
Approximately 1/2 kg Ghee

1) Heat a pan nicely. Then turn off the gas. Roast the fenugreek seeds for few minutes. Ground the roasted fenugreek to fine powder.
2) In a deep bowl, take around 2 cups of warm ghee. Add fenugreek powder and Dink powder. Mix and beat the mixture for around 15 minutes. Do it alternate days for about 8 days. Beating fenugreek along with the ghee helps to reduce bitterness of the fenugreek.
3) Roast the powder of Cashew, Almonds, Pistachio, Dry dates separately by adding a tablespoon ghee for each roasting.
4) Roast the soybean flour and wheat flour. Add few tablespoon of ghee while roasting.
5) Mix all the ingredients. (Roasted powder of Cashew, Almonds, Pistachio, Dry dates, Roasted Coconut, beaten Dink and Fenugreek powder, Roasted flours)
6) Take the jaggery into a pan. Add 2 to 3 tbsp water. Heat the pan and melt the jaggery. Once jaggery is melted, turn off the heat. Add the above mixture immediately. Mix nicely and make the laddus while mixture is still hot.


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  1. Great looking n healthy laddoos

  2. hello, I am allergic to gluten. can these be made without using wheat flour? thanks, Pradnya

    1. Yes, you can make these laddus using any gluten-free flour.



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