Dahi Wada

Dahi Wada in Marathi Serves: 10 Medium Vada I ngredients: ::::Vada::: ¾ cup Urad Dal ¼ cup Fresh Coc...

Dahi Wada in Marathi

Serves: 10 Medium Vada

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¾ cup Urad Dal
¼ cup Fresh Coconut, small thin pieces
4-5 Black Pepper, crushed coarsely
Salt to taste
2 cup Buttermilk, thin consistency
Oil for Deep frying
::::Yogurt blend::::
1 ½ cup plain Yogurt
5 to 6 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt or to taste
::::Other Seasonings::::
Ground Black Pepper
Red Chili Powder
Chat Masala

1) Wash and soak Urad Dal for 5 hours. Drain after 5 hours. Grind Urad dal for about 3 to 4 minutes or until fine and light paste. Add little water only if required. Grind it well. (batter should be thicker than idli batter) Fluff the batter with hands or hand mixer. It will help to make the vadas light. Add salt, crushed Black Pepper and coconut pieces to the batter and mix well.
2) Heat oil for deep frying. Keep the heat on medium. Drop spoonful batter with hands or with the spoon. Deep fry until golden brown.
3) Take buttermilk into a bigger bowl and little sugar and little salt and mix. Put fried wadas into buttermilk and soak for an hour.
4) While wadas are soaking in the buttermilk, start making Yogurt mixture. Whisk yogurt until smooth. Add very little water if needed. Add salt and sugar to taste. Refrigerate for an hour to make yogurt chill.
5) To serve, place 2 to 3 soaked wadas into serving plate. Pour enough amount of Yogurt over wadas. Sprinkle little Chat Masala, Black pepper, and red Chili Powder.

Dahi Wada, Dahi vada, Indian Chat Food


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  1. We call it "Thayir vadai" and is my all time favs. Picture is just too good. The curd glossing over the vadais, yum.

  2. We call it "Thayir vadai" and is my all time favs. Picture is just too good. The curd glossing over the vadais, yum.

  3. great vadas...i taste these everytime I go to a hotel in my hometown and I have tagged you!

  4. looks great! one of my fav snack foods!:)

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments

  6. Hi chakalionline, thanks so much for ur easy n quick recipe. It helps me a lot to make in a min

  7. tumcha blog kharach khup chan aahe,mi nehami visit karate.recipes sundar asatat.mala cake che icing kase karayche,tyal base konta v kasa vapraycha te sangal ka pls?

  8. Hi shubhangi
    commentsathi dhanyavad..me cake icing chi recipe post karen pan lagech shakya honar nahi sadhya...

  9. hi

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Making this tomorrow for my guests.

    Just a note. The yoghurt blend has "5-6 tbsp of sugar". Is that correct? The recipe below that is "to taste". You might want to correct that.

    Thanks again

  10. Hi Chandrakala

    Thank you for the comment.

    I had added 5-6 tbsp of sugar. But some of the readers may want to add little less or little more sugar to suit their tastes. Therefore, I have written "to taste" in the recipe.

  11. I tried this and Dahi vadas was yummy! Thank you for such nice recipes.

    What other items could go well with dahi vada for party menu? any tips for making these at large scale for party?

    1. Nice spicy biryani goes well with dahi wada..Also you may try mix veg korma or any spicy north indian vegetable and any indian bread.



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