Homemade Potato Chiwada

Batata Chiwada in Marathi This Chiwada is made of sun-dried potato hash. Usually, Potato is grated a...

Batata Chiwada in Marathi

This Chiwada is made of sun-dried potato hash. Usually, Potato is grated and dried under good sunlight and then stored for future use.

batata chiwada, Chuwda recipe, Chiwda recipe, maharashtrian recipe, potato hash, homemade potato hashIngredients:
4 Potatoes
Grater with Big holes
Thick Plastic Sheet (Approx 3 Ft x 3 Ft)
Seasoning for Chiwada
2/3 cup Peanuts
Powdered Sugar to taste
Salt to taste
Red Chili Powder to taste
Oil for deep-frying

For making sun dried Potato Hash
1) We will dry Potato Hash into Sunlight, so we need to cook potatoes at night. Pressure-cook the potatoes to 4-5 whistles. Do not cut and cook. Cook them whole. Keep them at room temperature. In the morning, place the plastic sheet in the sun light.
2) Peel the potatoes and grate them directly on the Plastic Sheet. Grate the potatoes in one direction, from up to down. Do not overlie the shredded potatoes.
3) Dry the Hash in sunlight for 1 or 2 days. Hash should not remain wet. It should completely dry and hard in texture.

Chiwada from dry Potato hash4) Now we are going to make Chiwada out of Sun dried potato Hash.
5) Heat enough oil for deep-frying. First, deep-fry peanuts. Then deep fry 3 cups potato hash. Put it on paper towel. Now transfer to mixing bowl. Add sugar, salt and Red chili powder to taste. Add fried peanuts. Mix well.

1) You can add fresh grated coconut, chopped green chili, chopped cilantro, little cumin powder and lemon juice while serving.
2) Keep Sun dried potato hash in airtight container. It remains good for 6 months. Deep fry whenever needed, add sugar, salt, fried peanuts and red chili powder.

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  1. Hi Vaidehi, its a very nice recipe..
    I want to try this.... by any chance do u know any way to dry the potato hash other than sunlight...as the winter has already started.



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