Shankarpale I ngredients: ¼ cup Milk ¼ cup Pure Ghee ¼ cup Sugar Approximately 1 & ½ cup Maida (All purpose Flour) Oil or Ghee for de...


shankarpale, god, shankarpari, shakarpari, diwali faral, diwali faral recipe, diwali sweets, diwali festival, diwali indiaIngredients:
¼ cup Milk
¼ cup Pure Ghee
¼ cup Sugar
Approximately 1 & ½ cup Maida (All purpose Flour)
Oil or Ghee for deep frying


1) In a saucepan, add Milk and Sugar. Heat the mixture until sugar melts. (please read the tips) Remove from the heat and let it cool down a bit.
2) Heat ghee into a tadka pan. Take 1/2 of the  maida into a mixing bowl. Add hot ghee over it. Add warm milk and sugar mixture and knead to a medium consistency dough. Also add the remaining maida little at time, so that it you will get perfect consistency.
3) After 20 minutes, knead it again. Divide into 2 inch round balls. Sprinkle little dry Maida Flour on your work surface and roll out dough ball to round and thin circle.
Cut it into diamond shape and deep fry in oil or Pure ghee.

1) If you boil milk and ghee together, it might curdle the milk. Hence, boil only milk and sugar. Once sugar is melted, turn the heat off. Heat ghee into a separate pan. Add hot ghee in maida. When milk becomes warm, add it to the maida and knead.
2) Whenever I made shankarpale in US, I used to heat ghee, sugar and milk together. I never had problem of spoiled milk. May be, it is because of processed milk. But in India, if the milk is unprocessed, the milk may curdle after boiling it with ghee.
2) You may use water instead of milk. In that case, you can boil sugar, water and ghee together. Once sugar is melted, keep the mixture aside to cool down a bit. When mixture is warm add it to the maida and knead.


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  1. cool!!i remember having these when one of my friends got it to hostel...i loved this..thanks for sharing..

  2. I love skkarpare, looks goooooooooood!!!

  3. शंकरपाळे बनवतांनाच गरमागरम खाण्यासारखे परमसौख्य दुसरे नसावे.

    पण हा चविष्ट पदार्थ फक्त दिवाळीत्तच का करतात निदान आमच्याकडॆतरी याचे मला नेहमीच कोडे पडत आले आहे

  4. Dhanyavad Madhavi Comment sathi

    ho kharach... pan amchya ghari sarvannach khup avadtat shankarpale tyamule fakt divalilach nahit tar eravi suddha banavto amhi shankarpale... :)

  5. Thanks for the visit to my blog! I think I had come earlier but did not notice the English version! Glad you brought me back coz I am quite fond of Maharashtrian Cuisine, and yours seems to be authentic!

  6. My wife must have read my commnets on your post on Shankarpale or read my mind and made Shankarpale at home.

    Yesterday I reached home after a long gap only to find that. 12.30 in the night I could not resist myself from eating Shanarpale.

  7. mazhya shankarpallya oil madhye takalya ki melt hot aahet so what to do?
    pith malataana kaahi problem zhala asel ka? aata me pithaat kay add karu?

  8. Hi
    दुधाचे मिश्रण गरम असताना मैदा घातलात होता का तुम्ही?
    कधी कधी गरम दुधात मैदा भिजवला तर शंकरपाळे खुप तेल शोषतात आणि विरघळू शकतात.
    तसेच मोहन जास्त घातले असेल आणि मैदा सैल मळला गेला तरी शंकरपाळे बिघडू शकतात.

    थोडा पिठाचा गोळा बाजूला घेऊन त्यात थोडी कणिक किंवा मैदा घालून मळून घे. लागल्यास किंचत दूध घाल. आणि या पिठाचे शंकरपाळे करून पाहा..

  9. Hi :)

    well what can i say feel blessed to have found ur blog!!! im a Keralite,born n brought up in Mumbai n Pune n married to a Maharashtrian nw :)

    got married came to USA..wanted to make all the Yummy stuffs tat i have seen my mom n aunties make for Diwali..was thinkin of troubling my Mom in law for recipies..but ur Diwali Faral list made it SOOOOOO Easy for me!!!
    i'll surprise all at home..n hopefully impress my In Laws more ;)

  10. Hi Shruti

    thanks for visiting Chakali blog and dropping a comment..I am sure you will impress your in laws with delicious Diwali Faral...

  11. true recipes..vaidehi style..wen tried comes out really well..thank u 4 helpin all d 'damselz in distress' ;) u r a saviour :) best wishes!

  12. All like all your receipes.i am going to try shakarpale tdy.will follow your receipe.

    1. Happy Diwali Rasika. Do give your feedback :smile:

  13. maidyachya aivaji kaneek waparta yeiil kaa? tase kelyas praman hech raahil ka?

  14. Hello. I love your recepies and they turn out superb! I have recently started cooking and enjoying it! I tried making Shankarpale and have a few queries.......when I kneaded and rolled the dough the second time it seemed to be a little dry/brittle esp around the edges. Also what temp shud the oil be at? And shud the flame be medium or sim or high when frying them? The crunch and taste were just perfect!

    1. Hello Prajakta

      Happy Diwali to you !!

      The dough become dry after and it is expected. In that case divide the dough into medium pieces and grind it in food processor. This will soften the dough. If the dough it too dry even after grinding then add 1-2 spoon milk.
      Oil should be heated at medium flame. However you may need to adjust the temp. in between like lowering the temp. if you feel shankarpale are browning quickly, then again increasing the temp. again slightly etc.
      Do not fry over very low flame.. shankarpale wont puff up and become flat.



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